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Thread: Indy MotoGP Discount Tickets...

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    Indy MotoGP Discount Tickets...

    I received this promo code from Honda...
    Not sure whether it's a good price or not, but, thought I would pass it along..

    INDY MotoGP August 27-29, 2010

    Click the link below to go directly to the ticket purchase web site and select your tickets...
    The code is already built into the link, so you should not need to input the code again..

    Just in case... Code is HRCA10GP for Honda Riders Club of America...

    Link: https://secure.brickyard.com/Promoti...nCode=HRCA10GP

    You'll have to poke around to see whether this is a good deal, but, looks like a 3-day General Admission ticket is priced at $55/each ($5 discount), plus you get an $11 "Souvenir Voucher" for free.... Not sure what that's good for...

    You can buy seats for just one day, and you can buy more expensive seats, at various discounts...

    If anyone checks this out in more detail, please post your comments (good or bad) in this thread...

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