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Thread: lucas oil treatment in motorcycle

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    lucas oil treatment in motorcycle

    Has anyone here ever used lucas oil treatment (not the motorcycle oil) or additive in their bike? The reason for the question is I found I can buy kendall 5/w-40 full synth oil that is API SM for $2.77 quart and a 2867 champ filter (2.5" rather than 3.5") for $1.50 and lucas is $9.87 a quart. If I was to only use half a pint per LOF my cost is still less than $15 per LOF and I could do them every 3 months reguardless of mileage.Also I would not have to warehouse supplies and the labor is done by one of my minions-good plan or bad plan?
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    Oil additives are a waste of money. Lucas is worse than a waste, as it will increase foaming. It likely also will make your clutch slip.

    Use oil that meets the specs for your bike. Don't add anything to it.

    Here's the ugly illustrated story on Lucas:

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    +1 on what Reid said.

    We tried Lucas oil treatment in a semi truck transmission, then ended up draining it out and putting Amsoil synthetic in.

    If you want Foam in your engine Lucas oil treatment is the way to go.

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