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  • Hello.....and info on bits

    Hi everyone,

    thought i would intrduce myself here aswel. I am Ken 22 years old, live just outside Edinburgh, i have got a ZZR600D Streetfighter project. It is getting turbocharged and Nitrous.

    Got a couple of bike for spares aswel. (think there is a good chance i will need them)

    Just wandering if anoyone has knows any websites with good detailed information on ZZR600D/E engines. And does anyone know of any aftermarket upgraded parts for the engines aswel (clutches, pistons, valves etc..) and good places to get them.

    Also since i fighter the bikes anyway i have got a pile of fairings, plastic undertays, lights, subframe, clocks, and stuff that i don't need, all going pretty cheep or free, would also be up for swapping bits.

    Cheers, Ken

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    Welcome, there are several "experts" here that I am sure can help. I guess the non turbo / nitrous was to slow


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      Re: Hello.....and info on bits

      Very welcome to the fun place. You have 3 D's, amazing!!! Not many of those on this side of the pond.

      Originally posted by metal-ken
      Just wandering if anoyone has knows any websites with good detailed information on ZZR600D/E engines. And does anyone know of any aftermarket upgraded parts for the engines aswel (clutches, pistons, valves etc..) and good places to get them.
      Cheers, Ken
      One of the world experts on the D is Muzzy, the admin. of the UK site:

      who has heavily modified his. Have fun with your rocket.


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        Cool will definatly check it out.

        Yea got 3 D's I have a bike breakers, well i say a breaker, basically, i have been buying in bikes for myself since i was a teenager and either keep them or take off the bits i need and sell the rest, ended up opening a breakers (had to make it legit, tax man got a bit upset), i make a little cash which usually gets spent on bikes and cover my bills so i'm happy. Still buy in bikes on the same basis, buy them in for myself and take the bits off i need and sell the rest, also help my mates out a lot....and any zzr's i get in i keep for myslef, but i don't mind sharing and swaping parts with others, i am always on the hunt for bits. As said anyone does need plastic undertays and stuff i have got piles of them going for free.

        I always wanted to make a faster modded bike and i really like ZZR's so i went for that option. Got a few other bikes aswel, moslty streetfighters.

        By now you can probably tell i am totally bike mad, i love working on bikes and do a lot to help other bikers out. Only have a bike licence which i got as soon as i could afford one.

        Also if anyone wants any info on bits that are compatable with ZZR600D models and some bolt on modifiactions that you can do feel free to give me a shout as i am always trying new stuff on mine. Loads of other Kawasaki bits go on the ZZR with little or no modification. Also other models fit.

        I have got a USD front end on mine that went on with no modification and a Single sided swingarm that fits on with a bit of Mod.

        Here is a pic of the bike partially stripped and unpollished/painted. or if you want to have a look through what i have done so far you can see some pics at :-

        Cheers, Ken


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          Wanna race?

          My one time I took that bike to the track... I blew it. Thought an empty tak of fuel would help me get down the track, but I was wrong... I couldn't keep the front wheel on the ground.

          KN, this ride's for You.


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            mmmmmm........a race? it doesn't go very fast, it is stripped down just now, Like your bike, looks nice.

            Went to YPE today (guy who does motorbike tuning and track bikes etc...) and he said the standard engine would not handle a turbo so will definatly check out that other forum for where to get other bits.....will need to save my pennies for titanium valves + Springs, high compression pistons and rods......won't be cheap, but will be a very nice bike ......when it is eventually finnished.

            Either that or might leave the turbo off It's still a great bike as standard.



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              Hello Ken, What forks are you using on your project? Swingarm?

              What was that Tuner's reasoning for saying the ZZR engine would not hold up under a Turbo?
              We all know you can burn any motor to the ground with enough boost and timing. Just curious.
              I could dig on a hair-dryed ZED,'bout 6 lbs. of boost would be plenty to make you scream"Lord have Mercy!"


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                Hi Shotgun,

                I have got a Honda Bros Swingarm on it. It fits in not too bad. Just needs a spacer made for the spindle and rear shock mount adjusted.

                The front end is off of a ZX9R B model (think it is the same as a ZXR400). My mate changed the bearing over and had them on his ZXR, then i got them and they slotted Right into the ZZR with no modification.......brilliant

                The guy said that the engine would not be strong enough for a turbo. But i think now i will give it a bash and see what happens, only going to use about 5-6 lbs of boost, as long as i don't go mental on it it hopefully shouldn't be too bad..........hopefully. But will definatly keep an eye out for the fancy engine bits i need, and i'l rebuild one of the spare engines. I think i'l keep the nitrous off for now though

                A turbo'ed Zed sounds nice



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                  should handle 5-6lbs with the right tune but with these pistons one time lean and it's over............... Why no on the Nitrous?

                  Chris K.


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                    Will leave the NOs off untill i have an engine that will definatly handle it. I think with the standard engine having a turbo and nitrous it will be too mutch for it to handle, i think the higher compression and engine speed on the top end would be a bit risky.

                    would like to give the engines a good stip down aswel as they are nearly 20 years old and i don't know if they Have any weak points and wear that has happened through the years of use. Would also put an extra engine breather or two on for the higher speeds, and get it gas flowed for more efficient air feul movement.

                    Have got a long list of plans for the you can probably tell by how mutch i have ranted on about it.



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                      hi ken,do you know of any other mudguard that fits the e model,been trying to find an alternative as the the original is a big heavy lump.


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                        9 years old peace. Ripppers


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                          what brand nitrous are you getting ?