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ZZR 1200 fork brace

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  • ZZR 1200 fork brace

    Does anyone know where I can get a reasonable quality ZZR 1200 fork brace from?
    she’s a big girl and there’s a little more flex then I would like when I press on.

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    Years ago I fitted a fork brace originally made by Murph's Kits to my ZRX1200. I then discovered it also fits the ZZR1200, by carefully measuring the fork leg diameters and spacing.
    They are still on my ZZR1200.

    I don't know if Murph's still makes these. Hope this helps.

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      Greg Couch over at
      I've had one of his for 15+ years on my 02 Zed.
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        Found this on E Bay:

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