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A collection of unsed ZZR1200 spares, free for cost of postage

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  • A collection of unsed ZZR1200 spares, free for cost of postage

    I very sadly wrote off my ZZR1200 last year after 14 years of ownership and many miles.

    I have a small collection of spare bits and pieces which I'd like not to have to throw away, they're free for the cost of postage to anyone who wants them. They are mostly new in original packing,as follows:-

    Fork seals - one genuine Kawasaki 92049-1496, two Vesrah brand
    Full set of brake pads, i.e. 4 front and two back - Brenta brand
    Brake caliper sealing kit - Tourmax brand, I'd guess this is for the rear caliper
    Rear suspension needle bearings and 'shaft' 42036-1231 - genuine Kawasaki. 4 bearings, one shaft, two oil seals
    8 valve shims, one marked 270, the others presumably used ones I removed, can measure if useful
    Pair of handlebar grips, presumably one RH and one LH, used but not damaged or worn
    Oil seal, HL-570606 from WeMoto, equivalent to Kawasaki part 92049-1377
    Oil seal, HL-570607 from WeMoto, not absolutely sure this is a ZZR1200 one

    Just reply here or send me an E-mail if you're interested. Basically first come, first served. If nearby I might use it as an excuse for getting out on the new bike (FJR1300 I'm afraid!).

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    Missed a pair of front wheel bearings - Slinky Glide brand, new


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      Good on you for offering your spare parts up. I’m sure someone will be happy to have them. Have you purchased a new bike?

      "I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it!"


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        See my original post! " excuse for getting out on the new bike (FJR1300 I'm afraid!)."


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          Did this bundle go?


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            No, they're all still available if you're interested. I'd be really pleased to find them a new home!


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              hiya mate,also very interested,have sent pm.


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                I did try sending a PM, but I don’t think the signal I’m my operating theatre is up to much ????


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                  Big thanks to Chris for the parts,
                  front brake service time for me !