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  • zzr1100 d1 advice

    hello all, im new to the kawasaki world and have a couple of questions about my new bike.
    ive left the world of racing around like a cat of fire and settled down with the big old girl, she is a 1993 D1 with 24.000 miles.
    what im not sure about
    1. why does she have 2 trip meters??? one on the speedo and one on the rev counter????

    2. theres a ticking noise coming form the carb area, seems to be more on the right carb if your sitting on the bike?

    3. how important is the oil cooler? mine has a slight weep and i dont seem to be able to find a new one without taking out a large loan.


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    I would be concerned about the oil cooler for sure.

    That thing springs a leak and oil on the tires!
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