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Dyno Tuning / Bike poor running/ Advice/ Recommendations please

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  • Dyno Tuning / Bike poor running/ Advice/ Recommendations please

    Hi All,

    Re the above. I have a ZZR 1200 on a 04 plate. The bike has recently developed a running issue. It starts on the choke and seems to be down on power when on the go from low revs. If I was to describe the issue it would be best described as the same feeling you get to having 'dirty fuel' in your car.

    The bike struggles to pull away and seems sluggish / erratic / lurchy from around 1000rpm to 4000 rpm, but at around 6000 rpm and up to 9000-10000 rpm it pulls like a train in all gears.

    I have had the tank of, airbox of, checked the choke cable etc for being snagged, lubbed up the linkages on the carbs, and have ensured that there is free play on both the throttle and choke controls.

    Carbs were adjusted at the dealer 3-4 k miles ago, plugs were renewed also. Don't think its a HT sparky issue as the bike works fine at high revs.

    Air filter looks a bit dirty, and im not sure the last time the fuel filter was changed, probably change them next.

    I live in the north east and was thinking about getting the bike to a dyno tuning shop , getting it on the rolling road for a diagnostic check.

    I think it could be the pilot fuelling circuit in the carb that's the issue as I think the pilot circuit controls the flow of fuel at idle and low revs.

    Can anyone give me any advice on this issue, the bike has all stock parts including stock exhausts.

    At idle the bike smells that it is running rich and fuel consumption is up and miles to a tank is showing poorer results.

    Does anyone know of or better still has experience of using a reliable dyno tuning shop in the north east, or am I better taking it to the dealership I bought it from as I am not confident in monkying about with the carb set up and I do not own the carb set up tools / kit.

    thanks in advance

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    My first option would be to put some carb cleaner in the tank, and seeing if that make a difference after a reasonable distance.
    If it seems rich, it could be that one of your needles and seats needs a service/replacement.
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      Stuck some in last night and running the bike to see what happens, think its probably a carb issue??


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        Carb cleaner may fix the problem or make it worst has it may dislodge more crap.
        I would take apart the carb and one by one inspect and clean them.
        Do not use carb cleaner in your carbs unless all the orings are removed first. While you are there, check all vacuum line. Also check the line that goes on top of valve cover.
        When you say dealer adjusted the carbs, what does it mean exactly ? Balance them? Adjust air/fuel screw ?

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          "At idle the bike smells that it is running rich and fuel consumption is up and miles to a tank is showing poorer results"

          That statement to me indicates there is either some bad fuel, or the carbs need a good cleaning. Adjusting the carbs will do little, to nothing if they were dirty to begin with. This same thing would happen on my ZZR if not operated for a couple months.


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            You might have one of the slide diaphragm not sealing properly. You can watch the slides in the carbs if you take off the air box. While running if you rev the engine then they should all move upwards pretty evenly. If one isnt moving at all until high rpms then it would have that effect of falling on its face until enough vacuum is reached to pull the needle up


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              I know your in the UK.. send them to Raul in Wheelsmith racing in CA. he is the man for these carbs. charges about $200-350 US depending on what you have him do


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                Any updates?