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Zzr 1200 04 plate 36k miles gearbox issue, bricking it!!

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  • Zzr 1200 04 plate 36k miles gearbox issue, bricking it!!

    Hi, picked up my zzr about a month ago from a dealer, bike is on finance. Today bike started to stall at junctions and is having great difficulty selecting neutral gear, got bike home, got it on main stand started bike got it into first gear. when rear wheel is driving, the chain is jumping and looks like its running out of true. Called rac out to check it over and the prognosis is that the drive cog on the out put shaft from the gearbox could be running with excessive free play causing the chain to run out of true. cant be the rear sprocket as its fixed to the rear wheel and the rear wheel hub bearings are ok. Anyone no if this is a common problem, have called the dealer and made them aware, think the bike may be out of its 30 day warranty :( anyoe know if the output shaft bearing is common failure ? Think the case will need split to check out inner gearbox function. can case be split with engine in situ or will it be an engine out job??