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  • Look at us!

    I went 3 days to the Eifel this weekend.
    Nothing special, I do that every few weeks.
    With my wife or with friends.
    But this trip was different.
    Thomas, my son, is 10 years old now and joined me for the very first time.
    Look at us.
    Just wanted to join that with you.

    Paul"The Flying Dutchman"

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    Nice! I wish my dad had owned a bike. All I ever got to do was ride in the back of that big old stationwagon...

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      Isn't that wonderful !!!!!!!!!!! Your son will remember ride for a lifetime ..

      my youngest daughter ( too young for JoeP!!) is starting to come out with me more and more and its great that we get out like that just riding the roads and seeing the sights.

      Yesterday we switch places on a friend's old Honda Hawk 400 at a nearby empty parking lot .... she was driving and I was on the back ... her legs are just a tad too short to touch the ground when she comes to a stop so that was my job ... no pics of that though

      but am sure it will happen again soon .. she has caught the bug !!


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        Excellent to see Thomas in the appropriate gear! Good job dad


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          That's great Paul! My nine year old daughter regularly rides with me and my son rides with my wife on her cruiser. It works out really well as my daughter likes to "go fast" and my son enjoys the security of a nice back rest to lean up against. We go out riding as a family pretty regularly. My daughter claims her first "car" is going to be a motorcycle...a ZX-14 to be precise. I need to get her on a dirt bike soon if she plans to fulfill that dream!
          Some times the hardest thing and the right thing are the same !


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            nice one Paul, I see the Baby blue is still looking good !!


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              I don't suppose it will be long before the backdrop is the Alps.
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                Great photo Paul.
                Won't be long, before he is ready to ride alongside you.
                Time flys.
                "16, I found my dream machine-turned the key and every light turned green-like Steve McQueen I made that motor scream and it was LOUD!"


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                  Way to go Paul & Paul Jr

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                    Very nice Paul.

                    This is the kind of picture I would like to see on the cover of AMA monthly.
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                      Originally posted by pr0phet00
                      This is the kind of picture I would like to see on the cover of AMA monthly.
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