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International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

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  • International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

    All right ladies, International Female Ride Day is on Friday May 6th this year. Let's get out there and ride, and show these guys they can't keep all the fun to themselves! Post up your plans for the day or weekend, and remember to come back and share your stories and photos later.

    Originally posted by Motoress
    International Female Ride Day is a global campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride or have access to a motorcycle. The day invites women to ?JUST RIDE?. By participating and riding on this united day women underline and demonstrate their passion, ability and enthusiasm for the activity. Women participants as well contribute to the activity on this day as well, by building awareness of female motorcyclists. This worldwide, synchronized unified presence additionally demonstrates to others the fun and enjoyment females of all diversities share in this wonderful activity of motorcycling!

    The event occurs on the first Friday of May each year. Women participate by simply being on their motorcycle to "JUST RIDE" ...

    ?to work
    ?to meet a friend(s)
    ?to a fitness class
    ?to their local motorcycle retailer
    ?to a country road
    ?to take an off road or track day course
    ?to a shopping mall
    ?to your friends charity event and so on.

    The day invites women to be on a motorcycle. It is not an organised ride, not a charity or a fundraiser and this is to ensure the events core message remains clear ?that of highlighting women motorcyclists! However, many groups, clubs and women incorporate their own purpose, cause or fund raiser to whatever they organise on the day! We've introduced a campaign to spend as desired and only ask that women get out on their motorcycle and "JUST RIDE"!

    Motorcycles of all brands, types, styles and capacities are welcome! Street, off road/dirt or scooter, sport, duo-purpose, cruiser, touring, trike or ATV!

    This is one day devoted to women riders! Women of all ages and all experience levels demonstrating their personal passion, pleasure and camaraderie alone or together in the activity of motorcycling- around the world!

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    Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

    And... wouldn't you know it! Check the comment about existing offers. You can add them all up. Think they are targeting me directly? I do.


    IRVINE, Calif. (April 21, 2011)---Anyone considering a motorcycle purchase?any motorcycle of any size?needs to visit an authorized Kawasaki dealership between May 6 and May 8, 2011. Kawasaki is launching a $250 savings opportunity for purchasers in conjunction with International Female Ride Day, being celebrated on Friday of that weekend.

    The first 500 purchasers of a new, not previously registered motorcycle who register online at Kawasaki -, following their purchase, will be awarded a $250 Visa Gift card. And to sweeten the offer, Kawasaki will provide the first 50 registrants at the online site with a free Kawi Girl Jacket.

    The company will also honor any existing promotional offers that are running concurrently with this program. Details of any additional savings opportunities are available at Kawasaki Motorcycles, ATV, Jet Ski Watercraft, Utility Vehicles, Recreational Utility Vehicles.

    According to Chris Brull, Kawasaki?s director of marketing communications, ?This short-term promotion underscores the company?s interest in continuing to expand the female market, and it will give our dealers added exposure to this important audience.?


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      Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

      looks like a great possibility that a new kawasaki will be in your garage on may5th. what will it be


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        Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

        Originally posted by XXXXL View Post
        looks like a great possibility that a new kawasaki will be in your garage on may5th. what will it be
        Originally posted by acalliste View Post
        I could actually be coming to the green side!

        Between Bill's new Ninja 1000 and then others I know who have test ridden the new Kawis lately and getting me all excited (never mind teasing myself with test rides), I have new bike fever again. Not sure if I want to trade my gsxr or not. I love it and don't really want to get rid of it, but I want a bike that isn't a schizophrenic drama queen, esp now the hot weather is returning, it's going to get worse :chair:

        I've been wanting a Z1000. With a kid in college who only works part time at minimum wage and will likely need a new car soon (doubtful he will be able to get one on his own at this point), it's so hard to justify though. I have been keeping an eye out for a good deal on a used Z1k, or any other kind of deal I can find. It seems no one around here who has a 2010 wants to give it up yet. And... to be honest I prefer buying new if I can.

        Anyway I was checking out Kawasaki's website to torture myself some more, and noticed an ad for something they have going on right now called the Good Times Sales Event. Apparently you request a game ticket, which they mail to you, then you take it to a dealer and see what you won with the ticket. I guess the ticket has a code hidden on it, which you unlock at the dealer. That will tell what you win right away from the ticket (which could be money off a new bike - what I am shooting for), then later you bring the code back to Kawasaki's website and use that to enter a drawing to win a 250R. So I requested a ticket.

        Anyone looked into this yet? Gotten a ticket? What did you win? Here's the link to it May as well give it a shot, hey, maybe I'll win a 250R! I'll ride it, I ain't skeered! ;)

        There is a $750 discount on a '10 Z1000. So maybe if I get something off with the ticket, and maybe (big MAYBE) trade the gsxr, I can pull off the purchase.

        Speaking of... Anyone want to buy a pyscho gsxr? ;) Maybe I could trade it for a used car for my kid. Hmmm... well maybe not. We'll see. Hopefully with the awesome deals going on I can find a way to keep it for a track bike, and have a reliable street bike with the Z1k.
        ... I don't know ... but off hand I'd say a Z1000 ... But I could be wrong .. =^>

        .. You Go Girl! ..
        . KWN ... "This rides for you" .

        Proud member of "The New Republic of Texas vigilante's committee"


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          Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

          Test drove the new Ninja 1000 couple of weeks ago and was hugely impressed.
          Tight and right soon as you drove off. Super impressive torque from way down low and
          encouraged all kinds of naughtiness as the revs rose.
          Serious all round contender and not punishing ride position either. Sweet!
          If I was 10 or 15 yrs younger it would have been the one.
          Also tried a KTM 990 adventure. What a hoot of a bike and serious long distance capability too.
          Had to go with the Connie though at the price offered.
          Ahh choices!
          Young riders pick a destination and go. Old riders pick a direction and go.
          A motorcycle can't sing on the streets of a city.


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            Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

            It would definitely be the Z1000. I want that bike so bad I can taste it. I am hoping with all these deals going on I can pull it off.


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              Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

              Originally posted by acalliste View Post
              It would definitely be the Z1000. I want that bike so bad I can taste it. I am hoping with all these deals going on I can pull it off.
              I love it when a plan comes together. Not my plan, mind you, obviously.

              Locally, between Jenn, Tam and Janet, when Tam gets her Z1000, I will forever be lost in the background. I hereby relinquish my unique claim to Kawasaki infamy to my friend Tam when she becomes the new owner of her Kawasaki! I will become just another woman on a Kawasaki.

              Tam is da shizzle. On a Z1000? I can't touch that!



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                Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

                I VOLUNTEER!!!!!


                Hope you get it.


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                  Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

                  Ha! Believe me, locally, concerning Tam, Jenn and Janet, you have to stand in-line and in-line - online, to get near them! Around them, I am the proverbial stick in the mud.


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                    Re: International Female Ride Day - May 6 '11

                    Lauren you are silly. ;)