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Kawasaki, Why Don't You Care About US Road Racing?

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    Charlie, I still see tons of bikes... but they are all Harley's, Adventure bikes or Gold Wings!

    Bill, you are making me jealous! Key question: Do lots of kids still ride dirt bikes in Oz? Or are they being sucked into the gaming and gadget world like our kids are?

    To be fair, we still have regional club racing, though it has declined, in part due to the numerous track-day options. The sport is not dead, it is just kind of drifting back to where it was pre-1972 (pre-Kenny Roberts!)

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      Greg, kids and dirt riding is still happening, but my guess is that more and more youngsters do the gaming stuff. There's a push here to get young ones out into the world and do "adventurous" stuff, like climb trees.

      Local racing where I live was stopped for a couple of years, due to safety concerns, after a couple of riders were killed. Authorities thought it was to do with the track. Much lobbying has it back on the calendar.

      I find also that spectators at racing events (local, and Phillip Island MotoGP) tend to be older riders (those with arctic blonde hair).

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