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    Well, I took the entire month of October off. In part because I could, but more because I thought I should. The second two weeks have been planned. The first two are mine, and mine alone. Thinking seriously of mounting some new rubber on the ole Connie and heading north. Was my goal to get to Colorado this year, but I think 2 weeks is not enough time to do a proper trip. So I am thinking of doing a lazy trip up out of FL, clip a little of GA on the way to Al, stop at Barber Motorsport museum, cruise up into TN, go north and east, maybe clip some of KY, over into WV, start sliding south and east, pick up the BRP some place handy, veer down into NC, stop in SC and visit 14Junkie, then skeedaddle back home to Mickey Town.

    I knocked the cobwebs off of Fatso, gave her bath, and went for shakedown ride last week. Close inspection revealed a dead battery and two very worn out tires. Charged the batt and all is well there, but the tires need replacing toot sweet. Quite possibly start on it tomorrow. Stupid TPMS batteries have been dead for years and dominate the guage cluster with flashing warnings. Going to try and effect my own repair on those. Dealer wants $$$$ to replace. Or I can spend $5 on two watch batteries and do the same thing. Probably replace the oil and filter too, although I doubt is has more than 1,000 miles on the current stuff. Last oil change was probably 2017.

    If the weather looks good I may pack some camp stuff. Otherwise, a couple changes of clothes and some condoms. I should check, I think I still have the same condoms from the last trip.

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    Originally posted by mehush View Post
    I should check, I think I still have the same condoms from the last trip.
    Used or unused?

    Perth, Western Australia.
    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde


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      Still in the pack.


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        Get new ones. It will give you hope and prevent bondage (not the good kind)


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          In the words of Frank Oz (in The Blues Brothers) ", soiled".