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2021 MotoGP Discussion Thread- Covid World Continues...

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    I thought McPhee could plead temporary insanity- he did get hit in the head by a flying motorcycle...

    And yeah, not a good day for the USA. Sigh.
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      Racing today!!

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        Portugal Thoughts...

        - MM93- Still fast, still ferocious, but not yet fit. I predict that after the next race he will be at 100% (barring a bad crash)
        - Ducati's- Wicked fast, making the tires live so far, and Bagnia may be the best of them. Miller seems cursed.
        - Suzuki- If the Ducati's can continue to make their tires live with their horsepower, there can't be much hope for a Suzuki repeat. Rins has a consistent record now of crashing out when trying to turn second place into first on a bike that can't quite do it.
        - Yamaha- It seems they MAY have it all figured out, and Quatararo's maturity is starting to match his talent level. IF the high-heat days of summer don't wreck their current tire life success... but Maverick also seems cursed.
        - KTM- Binder is the gritty little terrier that won't quit trying to go fast. If the front tires come back to them, they will be back to the front.
        - Aprilia- Tantalizingly close to podium speed!

        At this early point, it seems like Quatararo, a Ducati or Marquez for the title, IMO
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        "The Price of Speed is Eternal Vigilance" 2015 ZX14R 30th, Four Kids


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          In theory I'd like to see Dovi ride for Aprilia the rest of the season and get some results on that cool bike, but the team seems to be the Detroit Lions of MotoGP in terms of leadership.

          ​​​​​Hard to imagine MM93 doesn't win again if he's healthy, I don't think the young frontrunners have anywhere near his sheer grit


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            Racing this weekend boys.
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              Looking like a wet race weekend at Le Mans. Which of course means almost anyone can win...
              "The Price of Speed is Eternal Vigilance" 2015 ZX14R 30th, Four Kids


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                It looks like it should improve on Sunday but the track is unlikely to be dry for the race. Should be interesting.
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                  Originally posted by gregness View Post
                  Looking like a wet race weekend at Le Mans. Which of course means almost anyone can win...
                  .... Marquez almost won... before another nasty high side ..... Ducatis were a Force out there though


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                    Spoiler Alert....

                    Don't look if you don't want to know...

                    Crazy weekend! My thoughts...

                    - After five events, young Fabio and the 2021 Yamaha are certainly looking like the favorite. If you consider that he was comfortably leading the race in Portugal until he suddenly had serious arm-pump and faded way back (since repaired with surgery) he should be a mile out front now. It seems to me the only question is whether the Yamaha's front tire issues will return when the temperature goes way up this summer (remember last summer?). A huge mystery continues to be why his team-mate Vinales occasionally is blindingly fast, but a total back-marker other days (like today). That boy's future on a Factory bike is seriously in doubt.

                    - MM93... I was wrong. It seems plain that he is struggling to regain his pre-injury form and fitness, and frankly, the Honda is a disaster this year so far. It will be a miracle if Honda and MM can get their shit together in time to save this season.

                    - KTM. Very impressive! Unlike Honda, they succeeded in bringing in a new chassis after just four poor events and went from struggling to make the top ten, to second place for Olivera and 5th for Binder today, and not that far off of a double podium. They could do even better as they learn the ways of this new chassis.

                    - Suzuki... More horsepower please! The Ducati's continue to (mostly) make their tires live in spite of their ridiculous horsepower, and unless the Duc's (like maybe Yamaha) find this much harder to do when it gets really hot, it is hard to see how the Suzukis can qualify well enough to win very often, especially with the Yamaha's and KTM's getting in the way as well. Rins (new nick name "Bins", per the commentators) did it again, crashing out of second place. Another rider with whom a team manager may be growing very impatient with.

                    Finally... so sad about the young Swiss rider who lost his life this weekend. Multi-rider crashes are so common in the crazed-herd stampede of Moto3 races that I find myself frequently cringing watching them go at it. I hate to say it but it seems inevitable that this eventually will happen when they are so often knocking each other down and sending heavy metal projectiles (motorcycles) flying in every direction, along with vulnerable human beings. Though they are much slower than the bigger bikes, this just may be the most dangerous class in all of MC racing.

                    "The Price of Speed is Eternal Vigilance" 2015 ZX14R 30th, Four Kids


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                      Jason Dupasquier’s death was tragic. My condolences to his friends and family.

                      Fabio looked like a World Champion


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                        Excellent races today!
                        "The Price of Speed is Eternal Vigilance" 2015 ZX14R 30th, Four Kids


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                          It was a full weekend for me . F1 had an interesting race result, and some good drama . And just got access to MotoGP this year , but only the top tier race... no undercard races.
                          Quartararo needs to keep an eye on his tires it appears. Twice now he has jumped towards the front, only to find he cooks his tires and fades back..... Not sure why he does not just hang in the pack until the lap 15 zone , and then kick it in gear , seems to be his formula for success vs being the rabbit .

                          Not sure what the heck he was thinking cracking his leathers open ? Would have loved to be in that race debrief ....

                          I did not watch MotoGp prior to this year but , I did note the Quartarraro won the first two races last year, then failed to make a dent thereafter , what happened ?

                          Both Suzuki's finished this week, not so much for MM unfortunately .... was wondering if he could stay in the hunt this week , after last weeks crash ....


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                            Quartararo says the zip split on his leathers on the first lap and his chest protector was pushing up into his face. Goofy failure, and Fabio seems to have really bad luck in general.

                            Broken MM93 on a crap Honda is somehow still faster than most of the field for as long as he can hold onto the bike.


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                              Congrats to MM93. It was great to see him at the top again. Now, is it sustainable. My bet is no.

                              And an American will be racing in MotoGP this weekend. Gerloff is subbing for the injured Franco. Which will put the rumor mill in high gear speculating on who will replace Rossi at Petronas. Joe R was probably high on their list, but his performance this year is really lacking. But Gerloff (when he's not crashing into his competitors) is a differnet story.

                              I just wonder how much Dorna will pay Petronas for giving an American a full time MotoGP ride.

                              Oh...and COTA is Oct 1-3 this year.
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