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Covid 19 strikes a title contender in Moto 2

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  • Covid 19 strikes a title contender in Moto 2

    I just read that Jorge Martin, former Moto 3 champ and presently tied for second with 79 points behind Luca Marini (87 points) in the Moto 2 championship,has tested positive for Covid-19 and cannot race this weekend. This will probably kill his title chances, as it seems likely he will miss the next race too. He is asymptomatic but I am sure he is upset! Totally sucks.
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    It’s a scam peace


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      What bullshit.
      KN, this ride's for You.


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        Piss on a mask.

        I wear my helmet everywhere I go now
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          Better not watch Moto2 then.
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