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Here are some names from the past.

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  • Here are some names from the past.

    I remember swapping paint with most of these guys back in the day, when you could make some money road racing!
    Young men know the rules, OLD men know the exceptions.

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    I spent a lot of time at the Talladega Grand Prix track over the years, (still do from time to time) I remember Doug Polen, Scott Russell and some
    others I can't recall right now. That was a cool track in those days too mainly just a strip of curvy asphalt laid out in a shitty field. That's what
    made it cool though to me. I have seen some good racing there too, bikes, go-karts (Horstman Cup Serries) and some SCCA sports car stuff.
    It's a better track now than in the Polen/Russell days though
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      Thanks for posting that link, it sure brought back some memories. I remember the hordes that showed up to race in 1986, after my first season in 1985. In '85 there would be maybe 15 of us in the Open Production Class at Willow Springs, and the leaders were all on 900 Ninja's. Then the Suzuki GSXR 1100 army showed up and getting on the podium got a lot more difficult! I switched to a Ninja 750 for 1987, and it had so much more power than the GSXR that you could almost get away with the flimsy forks... That was a lot of fun.

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        While I was too old to "make it to the big time", it sure was fun to be able to go racing with inexpensive equipment (I used to buy $500 crashed bikes with a salvage title and spend all winter straightening them out) and even that first year as an amateur be able to break even money wise at the end of the season. I'd parts bin engineer like crazy- in '98 my Suzuki had parts from all 4 manufacturers on it. I used to get a kick out of rolling my Frankenstein bikes to tech inspection and hear them say "What in the hell is that?" I even went as far as to engrave the suzuki "S" and stamp a phony number on parts I made that were a little outside the rules.
        Young men know the rules, OLD men know the exceptions.