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Wall Street Journal Says MotoGP replacing F1

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  • Wall Street Journal Says MotoGP replacing F1

    At least in Asia! Interesting article I did not expect to find in the WSJ today. Malaysian F1 Race is over as Moto GP draws larger crowds, and there and in other Asian markets MotoGP is seen as a better deal for the host country and more "connected" to a populace that buys and rides lots of bikes...
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    While I enjoy F1, the racing in MotoGP is so much better.


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      Love Moto GP but I cant get it while F1 is easy on NBCsports. I also dont have the ability to stream it so until MotoGP and WSB get more mainstream I cant watch. Heck I even get road racing from the UK. As far as F1 Malasia did not like the current cost/deal from F1 but the teams and fans love that track. That deal may still cone back and Japan and Singapore are strong fan tracks. Its all big business but I dont see F1 leaving Asia anytine soon


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        for anyone interested ........I use for listings