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    So last year I spun a rod bearing in my Camaro (her name is Zellda) a 2010 SS with the millenial anti-theft device. it has taken until this point for me to be able to repair her. Fortunately when I tore it down other then the #1 rod bearing there was a tiny bit of galling on the #7 rod bearing. Everything else looked great so it should be a pretty straight forward rebuild. Before it spun a bearing it dynoed at 459hp to the rear tires (since the manufacturers like to use "crankshaft" horsepower as opposed to "rear wheel" horsepower you could venture to guess it was about 590hp). This power figure was from a big cam, headers, cold air intake, throttle body and a custom program. I am now going to put a stroker crank in her along with a small overbore using the camshaft and with a custom tune I should produce just under 550hp at the rear wheels. I can tell you that this is a ridiculous amount of power since I could never use all of what I had before. I'm going to post a pic here so you can see what my wife calls my "Girlfriend". 752B4032-90C2-44DD-A3BB-7EEB44FBD529.jpeg On of my favorites.
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    Looks like fun! My wife refers to my bike and my El Camino as the "other women" in my life...
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      good looking pic
      Yea that's me doing cabbage patch angles on the side of the road!!!! Just wave cuz I'm OK :)


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        Good deal Sam.

        Remember seeing (and hearing ) it in Arkansas a couple of years ago.
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