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3rd cardiac stent

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  • 3rd cardiac stent

    I'm going to get preachy for a minute here so sit down.

    About a month or so ago, I started having chest pains again, mostly while doing the aerobic parts of my daily workout. The discomfort was centrally located in my chest this time, not in the center left, like it was 6+ years ago.

    Being a typical idiot man, I tried to rationalize away the discomfort, thought perhaps it was GERD so I backed off on my pre-workout coffees, but no luck. Then about 2 weeks after that I started experiencing jaw tightening so I knew I could no longer ignore it; for those unaware, jaw pain is a leading symptom of cardiac issues. Brought the symptoms to my nurse practitioner wife (who was seriously pissed at me for not bringing it to her earlier) and 4th year med school student son and the next day to my cardiologist. The decision was immediate- another cardiac catheterization, which occurred Tuesday.

    I had a 95% blockage to my right coronary artery this time, which I guess helped explain the different location for the chest pressure. Another stent was placed (my third) and an overnight stay in the hospital.

    Why am I telling ya'll this? When the first cardiac events occurred some 6.5 years ago, I was waylaid by it all. Couldn't really believe it all was happening to me. I ate pretty healthy, lots of fruits/veggies in my daily diet, exercise 6 days a week, etc. but one can never outrun genetics. I couldn't. Virtually every member of my family has some type of cardiac issue and received stents or had open heart surgery.

    I think I wrote about this first event many moons ago; the only symptom I experienced was chest pain- nothing else- but it was a crushing pain when I was jogging, the typical 'elephant sitting on your chest' type discomfort. Two of my heart's arteries on the left side- including the widow-maker- were 95% blocked then also, ergo my first 2 stents.

    And now this third one.

    I turn 60 in a couple weeks and have had the worst year, medically speaking, I've ever had- between the hip tumor removal, the screwups that occurred in that operation and the long-term recovery, which I'm still going through- and now this.

    However, I live to fight another day and hopefully to serve as a reminder to ya'll to pay attention to your health issues, especially as we get older. Men are blockheads. We try to rationalize or ignore the aches & pains... until we can't & it's potentially too late. Had I ignored the signs/symptoms much longer this time, likely w/in another week or so they wouldn't have done a cardiac cath & would've instead split my chest open. That's not something I even want to consider but that fear had crossed my mind.

    Now I've got to get my drugs & lifestyle adjusted, as well as my diet because of the triglycerides and sugar levels. I'm hoping to avoid the insulin route but my current meds are not working effectively enough.

    Bottom line- don't ignore your health fellas. Pay attention to those signs & symptoms. I'm just glad to be home on Thanksgiving, surrounded by my family, not stuck in the hospital... or worse.

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    Wow man, I would say I feel your pain but we both know that's not true. However like you I decided to quit ignoring the way I felt and did something about it also. I couldn't control my blood sugar. I had been on Glyburide and Lisinopril since 2016 and neither the "diabetic" diet I was given nor exercise would bring my blood sugar down. I got fed up with seeing between 180-200 every time I would stick my finger so I made a drastic decision and took carbs out of my life. I also quit the meds at the same time. 2 1/2 months in I'm down 25 pounds (I haven't even started exercising again) My Blood sugar is between 135-142 every Sunday when I check it and I feel better than I have in years. You nailed it when you said to pay attention to your body. I'm glad that we get to have you around for a while longer.
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      I'm very glad to hear you caught it early enough to avoid surgery or worse. None of us lasts forever so keep taking care of yourself, but most importantly enjoy the company of your family and the freedom of the road.
      Happy holidays!


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        Thanks for checking in Lee. I’m glad to hear that you’re in full recovery mode. All’s well that ends well. It’s a good thing you listened to your body and didn’t ignore the signs. Hopefully your good for a long time to come.

        I’m 67 and I feel half my age. I’m probably in the best shape I’ve been in for years but Father Time continues to take its toll. Over the years I’ve had three knee surgeries, I’ve broken my right shoulder and collarbone twice and had my left wrist fused last year due to degenerative arthritis. I recently had a hernia repaired. I’ve also broken more ribs than I care to count. Now I’m scheduled to have cataract surgery in February. As the years advance there’s always something.

        When I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning I take stock of what hurts most and what hurts least. Don’t take your health for granted. Take care of yourself and get in for regular checkups. I’ve lost more friends in the past ten years than I have left.

        As my dad used to say “I don’t know why they call them the golden years.”

        But when I throw my leg over the saddle of my 14r or throw myself off the side of a mountain on my skis I feel like a kid again.

        It’s the things we are passionate about that keep us young!
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          Glad you caught the problem before it caught up to you spectreman
          My annual checkup is tomorrow morning.
          Been a stressful year for sure.
          Thanks for the reminders.
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            I'm so glad you caught it, Lee! Listen to the wife & son - you have an advantage in them that most people do not have!

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