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    Is that a 70 or 71?
    My 72 Malibu had a similar front end, but that one looks a year or two nicer than mine.

    Sweet ride. Congrats and Enjoy!
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      Sweet ride! Go find a 4 bolt main block and go crazy with it. It is SOOOOOO cheap to build a small block nowadays. Forged cranks for under 400 bucks, etc., etc.
      #1 rod bearing made a disappearing act in my 2010 Camaro SS so now I’m putting in a stroker crank and rods. She is stock bore so I can only do a 4.00 inch stroke ( it will go from 376 c.i. To 416 c.i.) but with the cam and all the other mods it has I’ll go from 460 hp to about 500 hp ( that is at the rear wheels). I’m looking at about 3 grand with me doing all the work.
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