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  • Where to Order Cycle World Magazine


    The Cycle World website has 19.97 year.....I found this site that's $7 a year?

    What's the best place to order this magazine?


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    If you are wanting the actual magazine I'd try a bookstore. If they don't have it in stock they should be able to order it for you.

    Then there is usually a coupon in the magazine that allows you to subscribe to it.

    I subscribe to MotorCyclist. Unfortunately, in this digital age, paper magazine subscriptions are going the way of the dinosaur. I guess the publication numbers/subscriptions have gotten so bad that MotorCyclist publishes every two months instead of monthly.

    Hell, "paper" items in general are going obsolete.

    Ask someone under the age of 30 about a "paper" map and they just stare at you dumbfounded. Forget about actually reading one!

    I remember in middle school that being able to read a map (and globe for that matter) was a required part of the curriculum.

    Technology isn't always for the better ​​​​​​​
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      I believe Cycle World has gone to a 4 x per year printing. I haven't received one in months and I know I signed up for a deeply discounted 3 year subscription. I think Revzilla did a little piece on the US moto print situation.


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        It's bi-monthly and it's getting expensive. I just got our renewal and it's $29.97 for one year.
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          I get digital copies of Cycle World and other magazines through my public library, for free.
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            I was just on the cycle world website looking at reviews and stuff.

            It never asked for a login or anything.

            How much more do you get for an online subscription?



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              Sad to see them going away... Motorcyclist kind of lost me a couple of years ago as they ramped up the HD stuff and changed editors and writers. Cycle World will lose me completely when Kevin Cameron retires, which is probably coming soon...

              If we ever lose the electrical grid for a long period of time all this electronic dependency is going to literally kill people...

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