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    Drove down to the Cape yesterday to watch the launch today. Nervously awaited the launch after a couple of delays for high winds aloft. THEN IT LAUNCHED! Effin amazing Space X pulled this off on the first try. Watch the videos and be amazed. I love this stuff.

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    Love it. Wish I coulda been there.


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        Ironically, what impressed me the most was the perfect 3 point landing of those side pods, simultaneously.
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          Originally posted by eteach01 View Post
          Ironically, what impressed me the most was the perfect 3 point landing of those side pods, simultaneously.
          Yeah landing the rockets was really crazy to witness. You could see the the rockets coming down, thier attitude already corrected, and the engines firing to slow them down. They came down side by side and made twin sonic booms about 2 seconds apart. Boom..........Boom.........then coming on down and landing, Amazing for sure.


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            The company I work for fabricated parts that were on it.

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              I work about 80 miles due south of the Cape. Always love when the rockets take off. We can't see a lot but we can see the flare from the rockets and watch it go across the sky. It was great to see the Falcon fly and America's renewed interest in space travel.

              Back when the shuttle was flying & landing at the Cape, it would often re-enter the atmosphere by traveling up the east coast of FL, causing multiple sonic booms as it dropped. The first time it did that it shook my house. I was sound asleep, the BOOM happened, woke me up and scared me half to death!

              Pretty awesome stuff. If you've never been to the Cape, it is an awesome way to spend the day and learn about America's history of space travel.


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                The Starman slays me.
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