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  • Just checking in here

    hello all

    It has been a while and I thought I would check in. I have been bikeless for a while. I got rid of my bike about 8 or 9 months after I had a little hospital stay with an aneurysm which did a good job on me :)

    Looking at the new SX if I can sell my house later this year. Either that or a ZX14 depends on cash flow. I miss riding and I miss those who I have met here. Best wishes to everyone
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    Thanks for checking in with the update. Good luck with your continued recovery and getting back in the saddle. In the meantime stick around, don’t be a stranger. It’s been a bit slow around here lately, we appreciate your stopping by.

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      Mello, damn! Has been a while. Glad to see you back around, good luck and God bless, on that recovery.
      I hope you get another skooter soon.
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        I didn't know they made yellow ZX14's!

        Charles, Happy New Year. Hope your recovery goes well. And the financial things work out.

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          Hey Charles, sorry to hear about your health issue. Hope you are feeling your old self again soon.

          Have missed reading and watching your riding escapades.

          Welcome back.


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            Mellow! Keep your eyes open. There are deals to be had. Be sure to keep us posted.
            KN, this ride's for You.



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              Hey Mellow! My sister died of a brain aneurysm - I hope you've had no long-term effects and are back on a bike soon!

              Keep us posted

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                Mellow it has been a long time. Hope you heal up, just remember...."pin it"


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                  Hey Mello!

                  Sorry to hear of the aneurysm. Glad it was able to heal up. Sounds like rehab is going well enough.

                  Good luck on your search for a new bike.

                  Be safe!
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