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Sharp drop of newcomers since February 2022

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  • Sharp drop of newcomers since February 2022

    I am still the last new member.
    I signed-up by getting touch with administrators.
    I went to member list and I sorted them by joining date:
    - September 2022: just myself thanks to ramblin66 and CrazyTrain
    - August: none
    - July: none
    - June: mbailey07, I am pretty curious how he signed-up
    - May: none
    - April: none
    - March: none
    - February: 3 new members
    - January 2022: 14 new members
    - December 2021: 18 new members
    - Novembers 2021: 13 new members
    - October: 16 new members
    - September: 16 new members
    - August: 24 new members
    - July 2021: 14 new members

    The statistics above and the huge number of online guests are the proof we have a problem in letting new comer to join our website.
    I think it is still impossible to register to our site in canonical way since February 2022.
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    It is possible that some software was updated which might have changed the membership process.

    Hopefully we'll get it sorted soon.

    Thank you for doing the research and bringing it to our attention.

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