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    All good ....
    I had my patience tested. I'm negative.


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      Originally posted by BIG O View Post
      Never heard of that brand of panniers??? GIVI was the typical pannier choice.
      Krauser were a German brand in the European market since the 80s at least but the name was eventually removed from the market a few years ago. Hepco & Becker is the company that owned the brand and now sell under their own name.

      I did look for Givi panniers specific to the ZZR1200 in Blue but can never find any. I have only seen the silver colour matched ones.

      I may have to bite the bullet and spend big for a brand new Hepco & Becker rack, not cheap!!!!! It is basically the Krauser rack rebranded.


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        SW Motech used to make a rack for the ZZR1200 where you could choose a specific bag attachment for one of GIVI, Hepco & Becker and Shad. I wanted the H&B bags because of the Krauser history but couldn't get them at the time, and ended up with GIVI bags and SW Motech rack for them. Unfortunately I can't remember where I got them


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          Originally posted by BillDownUnder View Post

          And in Australia.
          And NZ.

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            Welcome to the site. The ZZR1200 is the bike that brought most of us here. There are great members with a wealth of knowledge here. Stick around and enjoy the ride. She’s a beauty!

            "I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it!"


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              Here is my other ZZR from the nineties and naughties, a 600E. Even took it on a track day at Donnington Park with some work mates on ZXR6 and ZXR7 (centre stand was removed first day I had the bike, not enough ground clearance!!!). Great fun despite them having softer suspension than a sports bike, a commonly known trait.

              Won't be doing that with the 1200 any time soon.
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                Well, you even got the knee down...
                I had my patience tested. I'm negative.


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                  Isn't CRAZY how much motorcycles have advanced since then!
                  I have neither the time,or the inclination, to explain myself to a man, who rises and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner, in which I provide it. I'd rather you just say 'thank you' and go on your way.