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  • Another UK newbie

    Hi all, I’ve just joined up as I’ve just bought another ZZR, thirty years after buying my first one! Of course, forums weren’t around back then and very few people had even heard of the internet.

    Anyway, my first was a ZZR600, H303SWR picked up at midnight on the first of August 1990. It’s current whereabouts are unknown to me but I’d love to get it back someday.

    Roll on thirty one years and my second, a ZZR1400 has recently appeared in my garage. I wasn’t looking for one but it was cheap as it’s got a top end knock. Not messing about, I’ve bought a complete cylinder head and cams from a breaker, my intention being to just swap them over when I get time.

    whilst I’m mainly a Kawasaki man, I’ve also got an XJR1300 to in order to try to keep my licence. The 1400 may put paid to that.

    I also have an 83 GPz750 which I like to tinker with.

    I hope to get to know you all a bit better and welcome any advice re the top end swap in case there’s something I miss.
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    Welcome DavidR63! Had both a GPZ750 and GPZ1100 back in the day (early 80's), bright red and a hoot to ride. Congrats on your new ride!
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      Hello DavidR63,
      welcome .
      Some great people on this site with advise and tech knowledge.


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        Welcome DavidR63!! I'm new to this forum also, a great bunch of people who have offered me great advice. Lots of knowledge in the posts. They have helped my put my ZZR1200 to where I want it to be, and then some. That's one really nice bike you have there. Best luck with it.


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          Be sure to post up some of your adventures.


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            Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new bike, and it's in the best colour. Those exhausts look loud!

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