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no brake lights front or rear lever zzr1100

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  • no brake lights front or rear lever zzr1100

    Hi all ..First post and Im already in trouble...53 from Ireland , back on 2 wheels nursing a back injury, and I found a sweet zzr1100, 1999, but theres an issue with the brake light... , bulbs are fine, tested,rear light works, 10 amp fuse under the seat is fine, but no brake lights from front or rear i missing a fuse somwhere? thanks... Rennie

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    Do you have a repair manual? Not for complete repairs but good for reference.
    Someone should chime in here in a bit, I suck at electrical gremlins on bikes.
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    but sometimes it just needs a mod"


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      My first thought it may be a fuse.
      Multimeter - use it to check if earthing is ok?
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        Cheers Charlie and Bill, I have the original owners booklet , which aint much help, bulbs fine , fuse fine, so I think its time to hand it over to a mate who's not completely colour blind, like me, and has half a clue about the electrical dark arts!!! .. Thanks for the suggestions lads, I'll keep you posted


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          You have a multimeter? Check if you get 12V current at the brake bulb socket when you brake (Be sure to test the brake circuit, not the parking lamp one). My bet is for a broken wire somewhere...

          Does the parking lamps turns "on" when you turn on the ignition switch ??