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    Hi everyone, I believe I might be the oldest ZZR owner on the forum. 72 and still going strong (and smelling strongly of daily Sanatogen and Cod Liver Oil!) and living the dream, still riding the ZZR 600 and enjoying (ish) the experience. Have thought a few times about selling it and buying something more 'fitting' for an old guy - BMW Boxer, Honda Deauville, Zimmer Frame - but always (and I mean always) have second thoughts, because I bl**dy love the little lardbucket. Have fitted bar risers to make the seating position a bit more comfy, and it has transformed the bike into an everyday joyride. Love it to bits.

    Anyway, about me: Retired, but a part-time carer for a disabled bloke, who lives 15 miles away - which gives me an opportunity to go to work on the Kwacker. Nice roads, plenty of sweeping bends, fast straights, pubs...

    Married to the beautiful H, she's a tad younger than me, but we share the same interests, except biking, humour, TV programmes, and so on. I love playing piano, working my way up from two fingers now - only taken 20 years. I'm also keen on films, photography, wildlife, computing, writing fiction (have been published a few times) and - um - poetry. Loving classical music, but enjoy all music from before the world was created, except rap, grunge, house, garage, ice cream vans...

    I would like to own an SV650, because it's nice, lighter, torquey, economical - but there aren't many people in my household who want me to have one, on the basis of: "Someone was killed on a motorbike 15 years ago in Scotland, so that proves they are dangerous." I dare not mention to her that the ZZR can travel at ballistic speeds, and an SV would, theoretically, be 'safer'. Taking the view that agreement is better than death by a thousand but...but...but...buts... I took the coward's way out and agreed the ZZR would stay - a wise decision.

    Anyhow, have joined the forum and will probably ask for help in some form very soon; have just replaced front caliper seals and pads, and ready to bleed the bleeding system, so could end up in trouble. Watch this space...


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    Welcome Freddie! Who knows, you may be the oldest forum member at the moment. Someone will chime in soon if you're not.
    Perth, Western Australia.
    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde