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Thanks for the add from Trotsky in Gosport, Hampshire.

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  • Thanks for the add from Trotsky in Gosport, Hampshire.

    Many thanks for the add folks. My 40+ year biking CV includes several big Ks. of most relevance here a ZX10B3 brand new in 1990. Like a fool I sold it a few years later, a move I have regretted ever since. Fast forward to last summer and a very competitively priced B2 model floats under my nose so I snaffle that up. A few gremlins exorcised and then a couple of pleasant late summer rides remind me just how awesomely quick these still are, and how, 30 years later, I need a more upright riding position! That's the black one, it has a ZZR1100D fairing fitted and is about to get a handlebar conversion!

    Deep into the winter months I get offered a ZX10 fighter by a buddy in the trade, again at irresistible money, needs some work though. First job after it arrived home was a total custom rewire (beforehand you attached a battery and the starter motor just did it's thing all on it's own!). Next up is carb clean, smaller battery and box, and adjusting the angle of the subframe so that I'm not sitting on my nuts all the time! A few more things after that, but hopefully both on the road before too long!
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    Looks great!

    Welcome to the site
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      Welcome aboard, Trotsky

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