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New ZZR1200 owner from France

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  • New ZZR1200 owner from France

    Hello everybody!
    For almost two months I've been reading this great forum to find out some info here and there. I finally decided to join in!
    To me this motorcycle has a weird mojo and I always dreamed of owning one: this exact model and color (candly lighting blue, so awesome).
    This summer, thanks to a round-number anniversary, I decided to make this very affordable dream come true and I started searching for my next motorcycle.
    Curiously a guy in a town very close to mine was selling his 2004 zzr of this color: it had 45k miles but the conditions were stunning. So I bought it without thinking twice and I started enjoying my two weeks summer break, during which I rode almost 2000 miles .
    I'm a long time motorbiker but I was coming from a mid-touring yamaha 600, so the first impressions were of a huge difference in power but also in weight (consider I'm 5ft10 and 150 pounds). I learned to handle it pretty soon and I feel very much at ease on it now.
    I hope I'll soon be able to add a picture of it in my avatar!
    I'd have a couple of technical questions for which I'll open some dedicated topics, meanwhile, I'll also try to provide some help on the same topic, as I've always been DIY mechanic an all my cars and bikes.

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    Welcome Joe, and congratulations on the purchase.
    A picture would be good.
    Lots of information on this site.
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      Welcome to the site and congrats on the ZZR. It’s a wonderful bike.

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        Yes, welcome. Looking forward to seeing that candy lightning blue.


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          Welcome Joe.

          I'm AMAZED that nobody had already used that member name... LOL.
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            Looking forward to pics of your bike and pics of your rides in France!
            My ol' ZZR1200 pics:


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              Welcome to the best for the almighty Zed. Lots of info to be had around here.
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              but sometimes it just needs a mod"


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                Welcome to the forum Joe. The ZZR is a great platform to ride & easy to keep in good running order.

                Love to hear about you favourite routes. So many amazing old twisty roads I noticed on my 1st & only trip May 2019
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                  Welcome aboard, Joe, and congratulations on the bike

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                    Thank you all!

                    ramblin66 : me too! I guess nobody ever even tried to pick this nickname

                    bctrout, I live in the south of France, in the Côte d' Azur area. I recently did a long trip to the north-east of italy so all along the French riviera and the italian one: not many curves but an amazing sight.

                    Here's a photo I took during a refuelling stop, I was lucky enough to get one with the comfort seat, so long rides are not a problem!

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