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Any help with a 1100c please

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  • Any help with a 1100c please

    Hi all. Just been conned into a very cheap 1100 c that I will keep now but it has so many problems!
    biggest one I know of yet was the sump and cylinders full of water. But my immediate concern is carb no4 is broken. I need new one. Can I mix carbs off d's and c models. Grateful for any input on the topic

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    Try and find a bank of four if you can...
    KN, this ride's for You.


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      Welcome aboard, Moz. You sound like a guy who likes a challenge

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      ~Eumenes of Cardia

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      I work over by worlds of fun. ~JimmyMac

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        An excellent test of fortitude indeed. There's a lot of knowledgeable encouragement available. My cousin used to liberate snow covered water filled engines from the impound yard across the highway from his back yard (the good old days). His test was to flood the cylinders with quick-start. If it didn't blow up (and we took cover) and turned over a few times, then in his mind it was worth working on.


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          What a shame to be scammed brother but always open justice those people are doing badly, it is sad that you have to learn now at a time like this to solve those problems when the ideal would be with one in good condition

          god store you kids

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