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  • Greetings - finally!

    Hi, folks. New poster but I've poked around here for a long time as the info was useful and the attitude convivial. I've long been a closet fan of the ZZR1200 and finally took in a nice '05 two years ago.

    It's a fine motorcycle. Old school now, of course, but I always liked the original, ca. 2000 definition of Sport Touring: a high-performance sporting platform modestly tweaked for longer-range duty. Call it the "all-day sportbike." They aren't making 'em anymore (VFR1200 and K1300S were about it), and as good as the C14 and FJR may be, to call that SPORT Touring is a stretch for me.

    Anyway, despite its age, this bike is unusually good at everything I ask of it: improve my outlook with a fast canyon blast, get somewhere 600 miles away before sundown, cruise down the coast for Sunday brunch with Melissa on the back -- it's all I need and a definite keeper. Especially since we downsized and I'm trying to get down to one motorcycle!

    I'm keeping it largely stock as I don't want to put my development skills up against those of Kawasaki's engineers and test riders (a few of whom I worked with in the dim, distant past). But who can resist personalizing the compromises just a bit? Taller gearing puts the 5000-rpm vibration period in a more convenient place for me, some considered weight loss (mainly exhaust cans, an Li battery, and lighter sprocket and discs) has sharpened direction changes, and last-gen ZX9R front brake calipers and mc give excellent response and feel. A Nitron shock offers more polished damping action and more rear ride height, and I'm about set. From here, it's just diligent maintenance and keeping good tires under her (the bike and I both really like Pirelli Angel GT IIs).

    I apologize for being slow to stand up, but it's good to be with you.

    Cheers. --Kevin Smith
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    Welcome aboard! Nice looking ‘05 and nice setup
    My ol' ZZR1200 pics:


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      Welcome to the site Kevin.

      Looks like you've addressed most of the common issues we associate with the ZED.

      Only thing missing might be an aftermarket seat of some sort.

      Many of us just couldn't put up with the OEM seat for longer rides.

      However, it might be OK for you
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        Sweet ride. Welcome to the site.

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          Welcome Kevin!

          If you can put up with that stock seat, you're one of a kind for sure.
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            Yes, I understand this is unusual, but the bike’s stock seat and mine actually get along fine. The previous owner had a Corbin he sent me but it’s been on the shelf since, waiting to become a priority. I’ll try it sometime, just in the interest of science, but bikes I’ve ridden with Corbins over the years left a mixed impression: good support but the lower seat bucket reduced legroom, and my knees need all they can get.


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              Beautiful zed!


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                Nice improvements. A fine two up sport touring sled indeed.
                Sargent makes a nice seat and someday it might be in the cards but my butt has no issue with the stock so haven' bothered.


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                  Welcome aboard

                  More photos, please

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                    I have a Sargent and prefer it over the Corbin I had, “butt” as you mentioned above, they do have a flatter profile which decreases the angle on your knees. However, you could then also go with lower pegs. Or, just leave it and spend your money on something else bike related, which seems to never end
                    My ol' ZZR1200 pics:


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                      Welcome! Let's meet up and ride!
                      KN, this ride's for You.



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                        Very nice example of the breed, obviously being well maintained and fettled! Welcome to the nut house- what part of the country are you in?
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                          Welcome to the site. Nice bike, well taken care of looks like too.
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                          but sometimes it just needs a mod"


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                            Thanks for the kind words, all.

                            We're in Greater Los Angeles: Seal Beach.


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                              Welcome to the site. Mine was the same colour - others will tell you that silver is the fastest colour, but blue was fast enough for me.

                              Good choice of rear shock. Have you done anything to the forks?

                              My bike was always pretty smooth, but to my surprise, adjusting the valve clearances and syncing the carbs almost eliminated the 5k vibes.

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