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Hi from Bristol UK, stock or aftermarket exhaust?

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  • Hi from Bristol UK, stock or aftermarket exhaust?

    Hi guys my name is Mark Savin and I'd like to thank you for admitting me to the group. I have been a fan of Kawasaki every since as a 14 year old I was taken for a pillion ride on a 72 S2 350 triple (otherwise known as a Mach 2 or SS350 in other parts of the world) and have owned my 93 ZZR1100d since 2014 along with my 72 S2 (prettiest bike ever).

    The ZZR only has 24k miles on it and has made several tours of Europe including through the alps down to Lake Como in Italy without so much as a hiccup . I'm just about to start on the next round of winter upgrades/modifications and would be interested on other members thoughts on exhausts. Currently my system is stock apart from drilling out the baffles a bit to help flow/give it a little rumble but am thinking hard about changing to a 4 into 1 system.

    I like the semi stealth of stock as it doesn't;- draw too much attention from the authorities and the balance look of the mufflers. But loud(er) bikes save lives, weight reduction is a good thing plus, who are we kidding 11,000rpm always sounds bitchin through aftermarket pipes

    Modifications made through the years, so far.

    Painted bodywork black (getting rid of the 90s paint scheme rejuvenated her), raised tank badge & shortened rear fender
    Clear brake/indicator covers
    Raised Renthal bars
    Oxford heated grips
    USB port
    Heated seat (made using kit for automobiles)
    LED bulbs all round including the latest high output headlight (highly recommend)
    Lowered using ZZR600 dog leg shock links and dropped forks
    Uprated progressive forks with thicker oil
    YSS rear shock
    +2 tooth rear sprocket and -1 front sprocket
    Front brakes upgraded to GXSR 1000 6 piston calipers with HH pads
    EGR block off plates

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    Sounds like you been busy with all the changes. Can we get a look at her?

    Muzzy used to make a lot of exhaust parts for Kawasaki. You might find a used a 4 into 1 from them that should do the trick.


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      I agree. Muzzy Always fit Kawasaki the best.
      KN, this ride's for You.


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        Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on the site for a while.


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          Nice. What make is the windscreen? I'm looking for a bit more protection and that might fit the bill Love the black. I think I will go all black on my ZZR. Former owner painted the body work all green and I'm not liking it... Cheers, Pete


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            Originally posted by mjsavin View Post
            Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on the site for a while.
            Bike looks fantastic!

            Paint looks flawless in the pic.

            Appears you still haven't sourced an aftermarket exhaust??
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              Originally posted by mjsavin View Post
              Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on the site for a while.
              Nice bike! The upgraded moto parts look good. Since you're planning to upgrade your exhaust also, I recommend Muzzy, Akros and Remus.


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                Impressive bike.


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                  Yes, as everyone says, slick looking bike. I put good miles on a 1990 at the time -- when the 11s first came out and poked the world in the eye with their top speed -- and was quite smitten by it. I'm sure that had something to do with me gravitating to a ZZR1200 30 years later!

                  If you're still thinking about exhaust cans, I can put in a vote for Delkevics: good quality, reasonable price, nice sound, wide choice of styles and sizes and materials. I also tried Black Widows (from your land) and liked them too but they were just a bit louder in traffic than I wanted. The BWs were lighter though (16 lb weight reduction from stock compared to 14 for the Delkevics) and I felt they flowed a bit better, based on how they made the 3500-rpm lean stumble worse! Delkevics snuggled in between the Black Widows and the stock mufflers in terms of weight, noise and flow -- just right for me, but to each his own.

                  By the way, in my view, weight reduction is the first and best reason to bother replacing the original mufflers. Losing that weight is made much more significant by its location, at the far back end of the bike. It does more for turn-in response than cutting even more weight from anywhere else.


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                    I'm always a fan of stock cans

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