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  • Hola

    I'm a biker of 10 years, but just got hold of a ZZR1100 1995 for a real song because I crashed my Yamaha (Serves me right buying Yamaha did you say? ;) ) and I'm wanting to ride the season out instead of arguing with insurance companies.

    Anyways, this old lady has seen better days, she needs an engine rebuild, if I was brave enough. Certainly I'm going to have to clean her carbs, swap the plugs and air filter, and change the front brake pads and the brake oil. But she's a runner.

    Or was... Until this morning when I got her out of the garage. Pressed the starter button, and she got going. But then I had to switch her off because I forgot something indoors. When I came back out, the bike was completely dead. The clock had reset and everything.. Like I've unplugged the battery. Nada.. No lights, no nothing. I tested the battery which was giving just over 9v, so I've put a slow charger over the battery terminals, and a little while later decided maybe to try again. (THe charger was reading 12.7v) Turning the key, there's a dim light for the oil and neutral, and headlight, but the charger acts like I've shorted it out and the clock resets again.

    I'm a little lost as to what to do next to troubleshoot. I don't hear any clicking, so I don't think it's a bad relay. Perhaps the solenoid, but that seems ok (Although there's not enough juice to test it.)

    What else might it be?

    Thanks a lot

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        Hola Jon

        Welcome to the site!
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          Welcome to the site. Hopefully you can get your problem sorted.

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            Didn't realize the Swiss speak Spanish!

            Bienvenidos Aqui!
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              Welcome aboard, good news....lots of ZX11 experiance and tech posts here.


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                Olaf Bingo! Thank you. Dead as a door nail.

                Thanks for the welcome folks.

                Us Swissies speak English m, French, German, Italian, Spanish Portuguese. Whatever it takes to keep my bikes on the road. ;)
                If you don't like my answer, ask someone else. If you ask me the same question again, I'll give you the same answer.


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                  Welcome aboard, SwissJon

                  Always loved the ZX-11/ZZR1100. I'd guess battery as well.

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