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Greetings from the pacific northwest

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  • Greetings from the pacific northwest

    Hello everyone,

    I recently purchased a 2008 zzr600 and am excited to own one and gain more knowledge about it. I've never joined a forums for bikes before so I'm looking forward to reading through the threads.

    I did sign up because I have a pretty serious question about my clutch that I cannot find with google or on any forums. I am not sure about the protocol for signing up and asking for help right away so I will wait.


    - M
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    Welcome to the forum!

    No need to wait. We have some very knowledgeable people on here, so go ahead and start a thread in ZX6/ZZR600 and ask your question.
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      Welcome to the fun house. Go ahead and throw it out there. I don't know the ZED6
      but I'll bet you'll get some help on whatever it might be real soon from somebody.
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        Welcome to the site and feel free to ask for any help.

        Congrats on your ZZR ownership.
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          Thanks guys, I appreciate the welcome. I'll start a thread.