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  • Allow me to introduce myself

    Hi. I've been riding a ZRX for years, so I'm no stranger to Kawasaki. I've used this to research before, so I decided to join.

    I just picked up a 04 parts bike for a 03 that needs some things. I'll have lots nice used parts left over, so let me know what you need. I might have it.


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    Welcome to the site and the ZZR.

    So you're repairing an 03 to ride?

    Where you located?

    I used to ride a '99 ZRX before I got my 02 ZZR.


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      Ditto on the ZRX to ZZR. I went that route as well.

      You will like the ZZR. Big, comfy, fast and sporty.


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        Phoenix AZ. The 03 didn't need much, so I've got a lot left over.

        I still love my ZRX, though, so I'll use some of the compatible stuff, and hopefully help some other riders.


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          Welcome to the site and let’s ride! I am in Mesa and used to own a 2003 ZZR1200. I now ride a 2012 ZX-14R. Piken and I often ride local loops. You are welcome to join us.

          Did you get the 2003 locally?
          My ol' ZZR1200 pics:


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            I'm in, let's ride!

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              Welcome aboard, Avtech, glad you joined us!

              Please post pics of your bikes for us.

              Always glad to see our ZRX friends

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                I'm in the south east valley, but won't be riding much if at all for a couple more months.

                Till then, I'll be finishing projects before the fall riding season. I'll try to get some pictures and contribute, soon.