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  • Fit like fae Scotland..

    Just getting back to biking after 21 years.....

    Raced motocross when I was younger and had a CBR 600 in the 90's. My friends had bikes while I had kids! One of my friends had 3 new ZZR's a few years apart upgrading to a brand new one as he went. I always wanted one after having a go on his bikes from time to time.

    So I decided to see if I still wanted to own/ride a big bike and bought a 98 D5 ZZR 1100. The idea is that I would really like a newer version but didn't want to spend a fortune if it wasn't for me. I am really enjoying it and it is probably the best thing I've done in a long time. The stress working in a big health service has vanished!

    This bike has rejuvenated my soul lol!!

    It has been well looked after and now a couple of weeks and about 600 miles I feel back in the groove and enjoying the bike immensely. Twenty mile trips for a pint of milk... I'll go!!

    It has a 4 into 1 Remus exhaust which sounds quite docile round town but quite interesting on the road. It came with a pannier rail, 3 decent boxes, a solar powered trickle charger, bike cover and Haynes manual. It had only covered about 60 miles since it had new tyres, discs, pads, chain and sprockets (which I think are acceleration biased ratio wise). It has a Scott oiler fitted too. Unfortunately, the really nice lad I bought it from wasn't able to enjoy it after an unfortunate change in health. I really hope he gets back to biking in the future!!

    I have had a couple of issues...….. the Oxford heated grips were tried on a run to Aviemore and melted the throttle glue so I had no throttle for an hour until I dived into a friends place there and some carpet adhesive spray and a coffee later she was fine ha ha!

    The only other issue was stalling at idle in town traffic and at stand stills. My local bike shop twisted the idle screw which sorted this; I felt really stupid!! I am very mechanically minded (do my own car repairs and downhill mtb maintenance/fork servicing etc) but hadn't realised I had the Haynes manual at this stage until I opened the panniers and found it (oh with a spare screen in there too...).

    I think it would benefit from a carb balance as when I bought it the guy said he didn't need it done/hasn't had it done in his 3 year ownership. The bike came from a biking family in Huntly direction before this where it was seriously well looked after and stripped down/cleaned/lubed and loved every winter.

    Anyway, apologies for the long ramble on from a new member here. I have already been looking at a lot of the tech threads for the ZZR 1100 and found the forum to be very helpful. I would like to put on a smaller rear sprocket. In 6th at 55mph the rev counter sits at 3500. I think it really needs the ratio down a touch. This is reflected in the fuel I'm going through but it may be running slightly rich I'm not sure. It is booked in at the end of the month for MOT and carb balancing. I find myself looking for another gear when I'm in top so perhaps the owner (before the previous one) was more into sports riding as the 4 into 1 has been on for at least 3 years.

    I commuted to work in the nice weather last week and a girl biker I work with told me I had really good chicken strips! I had no idea what she was talking about until she explained it to me twice!!.... I have nothing to compare it to but I do find I get her over quite well and actually find it quite easy to switch about on my windy roads with no issues. I'd hate to think how sharp a modern pure sports bike is for handling the twisties. Too old to care and don't want the discomfort at the grand age of late 40's...

    So... that's me saying hello and thanks to the mods and guys on here for all the info and I'm sure I'll be regularly asking future questions on maintenance etc in due course..


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    Welcome to the site. Glad to see another person has gotten back into the sport.
    Nothing like it and that's a cool bike to start out with being there's a ton
    of info on it available for help with your maintenance and mods.
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
    but sometimes it just needs a mod"


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      Welcome aboard, BeTR, and thanks for the intro - now you owe us some photos of the old girl

      I had a ZX-11/ZZR1100 for a while and loved it - I would love to have another! Truely a landmark bike, and prettier than anything else on the road.

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      ~Eumenes of Cardia

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      I work over by worlds of fun. ~JimmyMac

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        Cheers Charlie and Crazy Train.

        I am rubbish with putting up photos with all this "exceeds 5mb cannot upload" business and so on. I am trying!
        As soon as I can I'll have a few pics on here once I figure it out. She's an old girl for sure. Did a few miles today with the top box on. Didn't notice much difference. Had the Sunday roast and all the trimmings in there. Half expected it to be cooked by the time I got home!! No luck....