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    just a quick hello and introduction. I’ve been riding for 13 years, started on a 94 plate ZZR600E, had a few bikes since then, Suzuki Gladius, Zx6r, Bandit, RF600, GSX1250fa, then the beginning of this year purchased a beautiful 05 ZZR600e. It was a dream to ride, well looked after but I had the opportunity to trade it against an 02 plate ZZR1200... What a difference, I had to endure a 792 mike bike ride in 14.5 hours to get it but so worth it.

    If if you have any recommendations on what I should do as far as mods/upgrade or things to look out for please let me know.

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    Love that green! Welcome!
    KN, this ride's for You.


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      Wild color. Any info from the previous owner on the story behind the repaint?


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        Previous owner purchased it last year, in great condition and wanted to make it excellent. He spent fortunes doing a full strip down, having all new bushes, bearing etc after powder coating the frame, swing arm and wheels. He wanted it to stand out, loved the Kwak green so had it professionally resprayed. Unfortunately for him he needed to have 2 hip replacement and now can’t lift or stabilise a heavier bike so wanted to downsize, apart from me doing a horrendous ride to get it, the deal worked out really well for both of us.


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          Love the color! Great find.

          Welcome aboard!
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            Stunning looking bike. Congrats.

            Common issues with the model: A bit of shimmey from the front wheel around 40 MPH. Usually corrected with a fresh tire. Carbs can be finicky if the bike is left unused for long periods of time. Main fuse can let go for no apparent reason and can be difficult to diagnose. Stock seat was rough on my backside, replaced with aftermarket. A quality rear shock, and heavier weight oil in the forks will improve handling.

            Best of luck with that beauty.


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              Thanks, it’s already got a Corbin on there, rear shock and calliper have been upgraded. Fork oil will be done over winter,what’s the best oil?


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                Originally posted by Wayne247red View Post
                what’s the best oil?
                oh boy


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                  Originally posted by Mark View Post

                  oh boy
                  clean synthetic, any brand


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                    Originally posted by Wayne247red View Post
                    Fork oil will be done over winter,what’s the best oil?
                    I liked the motul 10w fork oil for the 1200 with 1/2" to 3/4" overfill

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                      Originally posted by piken View Post

                      I liked the motul 10w fork oil for the 1200 with 1/2" to 3/4" overfill
                      I agree, 10wt. At least for sharp handling. If you want the bike to be a long distance tourer you might like something a little lighter.


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                        That is an amazing find. Love the colour!

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                          Welcome to the site! Looks like you have an excellent refurbished, with upgrades, ZZR1200
                          My ol' ZZR1200 pics:


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                            Welcome aboard, Wayne, and congratulations on the bike

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                              I am thinking of getting a complete pannier system and I need to change the headlight bulbs for better, brighter ones if people have suggestions?