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Another note from KN's Wife, Susie.

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  • Another note from KN's Wife, Susie.

    Dear Friends,

    Hard as it is to believe, words fail me at this point. You all have truly gone above and beyond and I struggle to comprehend the sheer magnitude of your generosity. Given the time of year this event was held, the state of the economy and job status of so many in our country, my family needs to be assured that neither you nor your families faced hardship because of your desire to help us. If that is not the case we need to make it right; not only for our peace of mind, but because Kevin would want it as well. Your family comes first! Our email address may still be on the rider registry Silver put together prior to the Arkansas ride, but if it is not and anyone would like to contact us, James, Rick or T-Bolt will be able to provide it.

    We appreciate so very much the many hours DWC spent on Kevin's bike, James and Rick for meeting him in Arkansas to pick it up, James and Janine for storing it, and all the other acts of kindness in between. If anyone else ever faces hardship of any kind we expect to be notified so that we, too, can assist in easing a burden.

    I hope Scott enjoys riding the bike as much as Kevin did. The girls loved riding with their dad, and I don't recall him ever turning down their requests to go for a ride. Memories of them holding on tight their first time out are forever etched in my brain, their smiles a mile wide!

    Thank you, one more time, for all you have done for us and please, please, ride safely.

    With much gratitude and affection,

    Susie and girls
    KN, this ride's for You.

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    Speaking for myself, gifts given from the heart cause no hardship on the giver. Your memory of your girl's mile wide smiles are enough for me!
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    Like putting a solid-fuel rocket booster on a wheelchair." Danno


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      Originally posted by Leo
      Speaking for myself, gifts given from the heart cause no hardship on the giver. Your memory of your girl's mile wide smiles are enough for me!
      +10 ! :wink:


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        Thanks guys....great stuff


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              “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”...Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


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                Thanks Susie

                Susie,thank you for your caring comments and like myself,i'm sure many who contributed as they did.....did as they could. Many times i reflect of how special it feels to have become a member of this site.


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                  Bump for Susie.

                  Thanks for the kind words. You're an inspiration to all of us.

                  KN, this ride's for You.



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                    Very kind words.

                    Also - Rick - were thinking of ya!!!


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                      The check showed up today in the mail.

                      I'll hand it over to Susie on January 30th, when Slayman flies into town and gets to see His new bike, and some of the people that made it happen.

                      Thanks for all You've done DWC. You're #1 in my book.

                      A giant thank you to all the great members of this site!

                      I'm all choked up, and need to regroup.
                      KN, this ride's for You.



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                        KN. every ride's for you.


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                          Crazy...I showed up home and my rear pegs were wife gives me shit...saying i must have gave some chick a ride!! ...I think Kevin just needed somewhere to rest his feet!!