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***RIP KN, aka Kevin Nickell***

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  • ***RIP KN, aka Kevin Nickell***

    This information was given to me by CrazyTrain about 6:00pm Central Time. As most of you know, there are many of our zzr brothers in Arkansas attending a rally. I apologize if I have omitted any information, but the details are still coming in.

    KN, a zzrbikes member, was killed when his bike left the road and he struck a tree. As I understand it, some members attempted to revive him, but his injuries were too severe.

    He was 48 years old and is survived by a wife a two children. Please pray for his wife and children as they face this difficult time. I am sure details will be forthcoming through the evening so I will do my best to post them as they come in.

    May God comfort his family and friends. Please also pray for the safety of the rest of our riders who are still there and having to cope with this tragic loss of a fine rider and friend.
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    Oh man that's terrible to hear. I never met him but we swapped parts and PM'd each other occasionally.

    So sorry. This is / has been a sad time for the ZZR family.

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      Enough already.
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        oh no.

        If there is anything any of us can do...just say the word.

        Everyone stay strong & focused during this tragic time.
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          sorry to hear

          thoughts nd prayers to the family and friends


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            RIP KN.

            To the rest of the crew at the rally, please be careful!!!
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              Originally posted by Kenobe

              Enough already.
              No fukin shite. Jebus haven't we suffered enough over the last year.

              Hopes and prayers.
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                  Man oh Man!!

                  dammit. will you all ride safe please I dont know if I can take more of this....
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                    I am very saddened to hear this tragic news.
                    I never met KN, but I was supposed to last summer. Instead of riding solo from Il. to Ca. I rode with three other riders part of the way and didn't get to meet up with Jimmy Mac and KN.
                    I always thought it was awesome that he asked to met up with me when we hadn't met except for a few exchanges on the forum.
                    This is terrible, terrible news.
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                      Originally posted by Mellowyellow
                      Man oh Man!!

                      dammit. will you all ride safe please I dont know if I can take more of this....
                      Really, Please ride safe everyone.
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                        Originally posted by Kenobe

                        Enough already.


                        Dang your fast.....You were hauling when I passed you


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                          First. My sympathies to his family.

                          Second. To all the ZZR riders please ride your own ride. Don't try to keep up with others or horse around. These bikes are a lot of fun but they can be deadly. Please think of your family.


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                            OH NO!

                            Prayers sent


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                              I am very sorry to hear this Thoughts and prayers for his family.
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