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New Member Registration Problems? - Click Here

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  • New Member Registration Problems? - Click Here

    Short version
    If you are trying to register as a new user here and you get an error saying that our registration system thinks you are a SPAMmer, the easiest fix is to try registering again from a different IP address. If you first tried to register from your home computer or tablet, the easiest way to use a different IP address is to ...
    1. Grab your smartphone
    2. Turn OFF WiFi on your phone, so you force it to use your carriers data network.
    3. Try registering again from your phone.
    -- If you try to register with your phones WiFi turned ON, our registration system will see it as a registration request from the same IP address that it rejected earlier. If you have 1000 devices accessing the internet via your home modem, every device will appear, to the outside world, to have the same IP address. Turning off WiFi on your phone will force it to use the carrier data network and that network will assign it a fresh IP address.

    Or.... Try registering when you are at work instead.


    Long Version
    We've had several new members send requests for help via the "Contact Us" page.
    Typically, these requests have been needed after the automatic registration system rejects the new users registration as being from a known SPAM source.

    First, we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
    SPAM is a huge headache for all of our Users and Staff, but as you can see SPAM filtering software is not perfect.

    Before you send us a message via the "Contact Us" page, here's the best thing to try. It works most of the time.... Try registering from a different device that uses a different IP address. If you tried to register from your home computer, try it again from your mobile phone (NOT via WiFi, since that will show up as the same IP), or from your work computer. Or, you could try to release and renew your IP with your ISP, assuming you don't have a static IP. If you can get your ISP to assign you a different IP, that should also clear up the problem.

    When you send a message via the "Contact Us" page, please be sure to include the following information..

    1. Your email address
    2. The User Name you are trying to register
    3. Your general location in the world (British Columbia is ok, or the city, we don't need your street address)
    4. Your name (so we know what to call you when we reply).

    Please include this information IN THE BODY OF YOUR MESSAGE.

    Sometimes the problem is the requested User Name.
    If that user name is already registered here, or it has been banned here, or it is a user name recognized as a SPAM user, your registration may be rejected as well.

    Again.... Thanks for your patience. We're looking forward to having you join us.

    Reagrds, Staff
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