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Site Rules..... Please read this

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  • Site Rules..... Please read this

    Just found out the site rules got misplaced during an upgrade. The rules are now available for all to see. Maybe everyone should take a look.

    This link will take you there and once there, find the drop down for "more rules".

    General Rules

    No personal attacks. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages. There is no reason adults cannot express opposing viewpoints without resorting to name calling. Please respect your fellow member's right to hold and express a dissenting viewpoint.
    Proper topics in proper forums, and all posts must be written in English. While we have members around the world, this is a primarily English-speaking forum, and therefore, we expect all posts to be in English. Threads started in the incorrect forum will be moved to the forum deemed appropriate by the mod staff. Use the headings on the forum index page as your guide as to what goes where. Since this is a motorcycle-oriented website, any posts about or related to motorcycles should be posted in General or their relevant forum; other posts should go in Off-Topic or the Dungeon.
    No protests. Engaging in a "protest" of site rules or mod actions through the posting of inflammatory words or pictures will not be tolerated. If you have a legitimate gripe posting a dissenting point is ok. The best course of action is to engage in constructive dialogue with the mod staff or admin.
    VIP Stomping Grounds forum is exempt from rule 2.

    Rule violations may lead to warnings and/or up to banning.

    Additional Rules
    From our dear leader Jack:

    'We have a few members who seem to delight in arguing any and every thread on this site. Doesn't appear to matter what the subject is or the motive for the rebuke. They've been asked repeatedly to take a step back and to try and get along.
    After much debate on this matter I've come to the conclusion that we must utilize the warning system already implemented with the site software.
    At 3 warnings the offending poster will be suspended for one month. Once the poster returns and makes it through 3 months without any more offenses the 3 warnings will disappear.
    If there is another infraction within that period the individual will be permanently banned.

    What renders a warning?
    If you reply to a post and argue simply because your opinion may vary, that warrants a warning. This is obviously a very vague rule as someone stating that the recommended tire pressure is 36 PSI and someone corrects the poster and says the manual says 37 PSI, well that's not an argument.
    If it's motorcycle tech related then there is little chance that that would be considered offensive.
    What I refer to is the Reno Air Race thread. Those conflicting responses were offensive.
    Calling another member names or accusing them of molestation of a loved one is better handled by law enforcement and should not be brought up here in a semi public forum.

    If the mods continue to get complaints about a certain member then we will discuss that offender and issue a warning along with the reason why.

    If you have a personal gripe with someone then please send that to the individual by way of a PM.
    There are members here that simply do not get along. Stay out of their threads and ask them to do the same for you.

    Copying and posting a PM into a thread for public view is cause for immediate removal from the site.

    Think before you reply, take a step back and rethink if it is controversial or can be viewed as controversial.
    Sometime intended humor doesn't come across that way. Nobody can see you grin.
    Posters, if you think the thread may invoke heated debate then please start it in the Dungeon and try not to provoke others.
    Please be considerate of others.

    We are all adults here and this post should not be required. Evidently some members are more "adult" than others.'
    Rule violations may lead to warnings and/or up to banning.

    Commercial/Individual Posting

    Spamming or commercial solicitation of any kind will not be tolerated on these message boards. This includes company names within user names and links to commercial sites within signature lines. The owner of this site reserves the right to delete any post that is deemed in violation of the commercial posting rules.

    Selling of individual items is permissible by private parties in the classified forums only, however selling multiple items of the same product is considered a commercial post and may be removed at the discretion of moderators and/or administrator. If you are not part of our family and join to just to sell something we reserve the right to delete it.

    Commercial solicitations and links may be posted in the forum they most apply to provided the member is a site sponsor. Messages promoting a commercial entity that is not a site sponsor may be deleted at any time at the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

    No one at any time will be allowed to join the site and promote a business with out approval of the administrator.

    Occasional posts helping a fellow member to find a commercial vendor that has what he/she needs may be allowed. If these posts are viewed by moderators or administrators to be commercial promotion (by a vendor, affiliated party, or un-affiliated party) they may be deleted. This decision is based on many criteria and may differ based on the actual moderator or admistrator that makes the judgment call. These posts may be deleted soley at the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

    Users are encouraged to report posts that are in violation of these policies.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION! Enjoy the discussion forums!

    If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact Mark or Jack.
    Rule violations may lead to warnings and/or up to banning
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