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Best Practices for Balancing Tires - What Works for You?

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  • Best Practices for Balancing Tires - What Works for You?

    I'm doing tires for my 150mph track bike and considering the options for balancing them. It's either some good idea or a trip to Cycle Gear.
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    I used the Dynabeads on my last set; the recommended 2 oz. in the rear and 1 oz. in the front. Not really happy with the balance in the front, so I plan on adding another ounce like I read elsewhere to see if that works. No shakes, just buzziness above 130.


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      The best way to balance your wheels/tires is to wait for DWC to respond. He balances them in his sleep, during meals, 4th of July, Christmas, Presidents Day, etc ... :)

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          That's how it's done, Boys.
          KN, this ride's for You.


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            You axed for the best way .... double balancing is the best way.
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