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  • Alberta On Fire!

    I was wondering why the Spokane skys are so hazy... I did not know until I looked it up just how much of Alberta is on fire. It seems impossible that the forest could be this dry in mid-May! It is the area north of Calgary, going all the way to the Northwest Territories. It is supposed to rain this coming week, I hope it does all week long. Hope all is well for Dave and Gar!
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    We are having some seriously smokey days and really bad air quality but other than that we are ok. Most of the fires are in the northern part of the province. Some days it looks like Armageddon. Here are some pics of the downtown skyline taken a few days ago. The whole city smells like a campfire. We really need some rain, especially up north.
    IMG_5744.jpg IMG_5717.jpg IMG_5742.jpg
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      Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Greg & Dave.

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