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Your Top 3 Scariest Moments On a Bike?

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    Gee, answering the question of my most frightnening motorcycle moments seems like so much fun. I'll take a swing at this one too.
    I have had a few moments of major excitment and danger that happened so fast that the scare came later.

    An example, about 7 years ago W and I were riding the C14 north on the Icefields Parkway in NW Canada. If I recall correctly, this amazing road runs along a river which is the border between Alberta and British Columbia. A windy and desolate road with a river and plains on the left and a tall rocky wall on the right. Unaware of a speed limit, 50mph was a comfortable speed given the back to back blind corners. We gawked at the scenery and got into a modest rhythm.
    Rounding a not-too-sharp blind corner to the left ALL OF A SUDDEN appears a recent rock slide. It had dumped a giant load of grapefruit sized round rocks across the road.
    There was no time for fear, nerves, but only a reflex action...twist it! The Connie starts rippen and throwing rocks as we blew through the 50ft long gauntlet, like riding a dirt bike in sugar sand.
    That's a big bike, 2 up and loaded to be angrily rippen over those rocks.
    After coming out the other side, we pulled over. This all happened so fast that the adrenelin had just then squirted in.
    It took a few minutes before we were ready to ride on.

    My most scared moments are 3 events where there was too much time to think about what is about to happen.
    1973 Road Atlanta, this was my first big event. The famous (now gone due to being too freaky) "Gravity Cavity" is where the fasted place on the course drops down abruptly down several stories into a dip and then right back up again to a blind and fast right-hander under a rock bridge. On my first couple of practice laps I could see that the fastest thing to do is WFO down the straight, down the hill, through the dip and then cut the throttle on the way up. Beginning lap 3 I had made the decision to do it with enthusiasm. This gave me 2 minutes to ponder what was about to happen. Gut check. It was exhilerating and unforgetable.

    I have 2 more, but tired of typing for now.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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      This was the only time I ever thought I was about to die on a bike. It was all over in about a second, but I really expected this would be it. It happened on one of my favorite roads near Auckland and it a while before I could ride it again.

      A few corners into the ride, there is a straight, about half a mile long that comes off a right hander. I'm usually doing about 75 out of the corner and just cruise down the straight to the next corner. That part of the road is very quiet and you hardly ever see another vehicle, but this day an old Honda Civic was coming towards me.

      I could see it was slowing down to turn across the road into a driveway, so I backed off a little down to maybe 65. Now my bike isn't exactly invisible, being a bright blue, and I was wearing a high viz vest. So I really wasn't expecting any drama, until just before I went past, the Civic started to turn into the driveway right in front of me.

      There was absolutely nothing I could do as I was so close that there was no time to brake or swerve. So I'm starting to think this is it when he stops, maybe a third of the way into my lane. I had moved towards the side of the road as I approached, so I rode past the now stationary car and carried on.

      I stopped at a cafe about 10 minutes further on, at which point it really hit me how close I had come to a major crash. Normally you can anticipate someone doing dumb shit, but I just did not see this one coming. Truly scary

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        I am delinquent. This would be my #2

        2007, I had bought a CBR1000 the year before and ceased to ride my 2003 ZZR12. I called my older brother to see if he would like to take a stab at riding a streetbike. In the past he had always told me that I was stupid/crazy to ride on the street. He had been a dirt rider in his early years. Anyway, I tell him if he tries it and likes it he can have the ZZR. So we agree to meet in the Georgia mountains for 4-5 days of riding. For the first 2 days I led at a very modest pace to give him the chance to get acquainted with subtleties of riding a streetbike on some challenging roads. To his credit he stuck pretty well with the mild pace. On day 3 we did the Tail of the Dragon with me following. I watched in horror as he wobbled through every corner, picking up speed as we went along. I was sure he was going to eat shit in every one of them. He never did, but my guts were in an absolute knot after that ride. He has since become a very competent rider and a joy to follow.


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          So here is scary story.

          Myself, Amanda (my wife), Jimmymac and his wife Jenine were out riding one day. He and Jenine had traveled from Kansas City to my house for some reason and we all had our own bikes.

          Anyway, we were riding a loop that I have in my area that has some curves and nice scenery. we were on a two lane highway and were all travelling together. We came upon a pickup and I decided to pass. Nothing crazy, it was a passing zone and I passed him at a polite speed and then moved back over. Everybody else decided to stay behind him.

          About two miles later was our turn to take us to a different highway in the loop.

          It's a left hand turn and I'm stopped (with my turn signal on) waiting for an oncoming vehicle to pass before I make my left hand turn.

          Out of nowhere, the truck I had previously passed comes flying past me on my right and has to take the ditch next to me to keep from hitting me! Didn't even slow down! Took the ditch. Pulled back onto the pavement and kept going!

          I made my left hand turn thinking how close I had come to being run over. I then pulled over and almost threw up.

          In my defense, I always check my mirrors but was on my 1098 Ducati ( mirrors are useless) so couldn't see shit behind me and couldn't have gone anywhere due to the oncoming car I was waiting for.

          I'd say that in all of my years of riding that that is the scariest moment. Not that others weren't scary but you just don't have time to realize it because you are dealing with the situation at hand and to some degree have some control of the situation.

          With this one, I had no control and was in fate's hands.

          I have neither the time,or the inclination, to explain myself to a man, who rises and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner, in which I provide it. I'd rather you just say 'thank you' and go on your way.


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            My #1 (going from last to first) It was a normal Sunday (at first) and I was about 2 miles from where I used to live.
            Highway US11, the main 4 lane through Trussville, Alabama. I was just riding along, not really that heavy of traffic
            being it was before noon. I was just cruising along in the left lane of the 4 lanes, when the light ahead turned amber then
            red. As most good motorcycle riders do (or should) I threw a look in the mirrors as I braked, sort of abruptly coming up on
            a Ford pickup. Good thing I developed this habit or I might not be here writing this. I saw the car behind appeared not to be slowing
            so reflexes took over and I went into the center of the road to the left of the pick up. About a half second later, this bluehair in a big
            Caddy just centered the ass end of that pickup next to me, running at speed. Knocked the truck about 3 lengths into the intersection.
            I just sat there for what seemed like a minute but was merely seconds. I killed the Zed, flipped out the sidestand and proceeded to run
            over to the couple in the truck. About the time he bailed out of the truck and his passenger did as well, yelled "you should be dead"
            I was just in a daze, I asked if they were ok and we all 3 headed over to the car. The relic in the Caddy was dizzy (air bags I guess)
            and was ok. Everyone was checked by EMS and then we just stood on the side waiting on tow trucks to show up. They all told me I should
            go buy some lotto tickets. It really didn't bug me until later on. Probably my biggest dodge of death ever, I've had a couple. Get in the habit
            of checking those mirrors, especially when hitting those brakes in traffic.
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              Scariest Biking Moments.

              1. Going to Wide open Throttle on the H2 in 2nd gear with no traction aids
              2. Going to wide open throttle on the h2 in 3rd gear with no traction aids
              3. Pulling up front wheel on power on H2... in 4th gear doing 161mph shifting into 5th


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                I got nothing other than a small misadventure I posted about last fall. However, my scariest moment watching another's potential catastrophe was in 2017, in Wyoming, somewhere between Thermopolis and Riverton I think. Watching JeffS shoe trailer wag it's way into a C14 death wobble. Created by the turbulence of a high velocity semi going the opposite direction. Perhaps it looked worse than it was.


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                  Originally posted by CHARLIE View Post
                  Get in the habit of checking those mirrors, especially when hitting those brakes in traffic.
                  That is quite a story, Charlie. Totally agree about checking your mirrors regularly. My experience wasn't nearly as scary, but did encourage me to do so more often.

                  Auckland is a fairly hilly place, and a few years ago I came over a crest on the motorway to find a line of right in front of me. The inside lane was clear, but I hadn't been checking the mirrors regularly and didn't know if it was safe to change lanes. Instead, I had to brake very hard to stop in time. I'll admit I was speeding and maybe not fully concentrating after a long day riding, but it would have been much less drama if I'd been able to change lanes.

                  I've checked the mirrors much more regularly since then, and back off if I can't see over a blind crest.

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                  "You don't get slower with age, you just get more cautious." Michael Rutter

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                    Last Call!
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                      My worst moment.

                      It had been about 6 months since a really bad crash. Two broken arms, a broken leg, broken right hand, and no less than 7 ribs. It had been a tough a recovery. I was riding my bike in to work for the first time since getting hurt. 6AM. No traffic on a major blvd and out of the corner of my eye I see a car start to pull out from a side street and stop before pulling out in front of me. I think, what a moron. And then I glance up to see that I am completely blowing a red light. Could have been real bad.