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A few carb cleaning questions from a noob

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    Success! Good luck with the sale.
    I had my patience tested. I'm negative.


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      Thanks it’s like I’m looking at playmate of the month. I’m stunned by her beauty and sensuous curves and thrilled by thinking a great ride but remember I’m jjust too damn old and worn out. Said when I get old I would get a Harley. Not there yet!


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        Originally posted by motor_psycho View Post
        ... Said when I get old I would get a Harley ...
        Nobody is ever THAT old!!!

        Your Versys is the right choice - one day when I'm too old to enjoy my ZZR I wouldn't mind and "adventure sport" (is that what they're calling them?), but I've had a guts full of chains so given I'm wary of BMWs it would have to be a Tenere. Or maybe I'll get a GTR/Concourse and make it look more like a ZZR? (CopperDawg sports screen etc)

        Time flies like an arrow;
        Fruit flies like a banana!