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ZZR1200 - what goes in this bolt hole?

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  • ZZR1200 - what goes in this bolt hole?

    Was doing a post ride clean and noticed that there is a bolt that goes in this hole (see pic). The location is on the right side under the oil sight window - right by the lower fairing bolt (in fact uses the same mounting block). What goes here? Can someone take a pic of their bike?

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    Difficult to make out a bolt hole in that pic.
    However, directly below my sight glass is a bolt for the side engine cover.
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      Hi There,

      Yes I do have a threaded hole in the square tubing welded on to provide a place to bolt the fairing to ....however, there is nothing in that threaded hole .
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        16337266142583737989050257706781.jpg Bone stock 2002... nothing is there.
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          Nothing. It matches the lug on the left side that has a loop bracket for the 2 drain lines on the left side.
          There is a drain hose there (in the picture) but a bracket is not needed on the right side to hold it being
          it's not near anything like on the left side. I just checked this on mine just now and I know that's OEM
          because I'm the original and only owner of mine. Those lugs are probably in a pile, all made the same,
          and just welded on the frame during manufacturing where it doesn't matter which side they end up on.
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            Thanks for checking all.