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1995 zzr600

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  • 1995 zzr600

    Hey all.

    I am new to Kawasaki's. I am coming off owning a 1992 BMW K75S.

    I am looking at a 1995 ZZR600 just wondering what some common issues are with these bikes? and what I should look for in the inspection beyond obvious things such as oil/coolant brakes suspension etc.

    It's in pretty decent looking condition and only 40,000km. But it does look like it's been down on one side and got a little scuffed. Also seems like there is maybe an oil leak near the clutch housing? if that's what is in this picture.

    Any thoughts welcome.

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    Wow, 45,000km in 25 years.
    Oil - could just be some spillage.
    For $2000 you can't go wrong.
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      Other than the slight rash the bike appears to be in good shape.

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        I don't know bike prices in Oz, but is seems maybe a little high. Body damage is often expensive or difficult to fix, and replacement parts can be scarce.

        It's hard to tell much from the few low-res photos, but I'd look at the brake fluid for a clue to the real level of care the bike has had.
        I'd ask about maintenance (with a maintenance schedule in my hand).
        If all the seller has done in a quarter century is oil changes, then there is a lot of work to be done.
        With the center stand down and someone sitting on the bike, it'll be easy to check the steering head bearings.
        When you schedule an appointment to see the bike, ask that it be stone cold when you arrive, so you can see for yourself how it starts when cold, and whether it blows a puff of smoke from the exhaust, indicating old valve stem seals.
        Check the dates on those 'new' tires.
        Note the faded pink mirrors and consider whether that's OK with you or you'll be spending to repaint them.
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