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Best Lithium Battery for ZX14R?

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    Originally posted by gregness View Post

    JM- Shorai or Anti-gravity brand?
    I don't even remember now...
    KN, this ride's for You.


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      Decision made. Going with the Antigravity ($225) and a $40 Lithium charger. I will be putting a similar battery in my ATV when the current one pukes. The Antigravity has a battery management systemto keep it from starting a bike bon-fire or running completely dead if left on and some other self-protection stuff, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Subtract 8 lbs from the weight column.

      Thanks for your input guys!
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        Been running a Shorai in my 2003 since Summer 2015 - no issues.

        The charger was ~$80. I put it on the charger the first of each month for about 15 minutes.

        Flawless operation.

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          I'm still running a 5 year old gel-cell lead acid myself. Yea, it's a cool way to shed a few pounds
          to go lit-ion but I have several good chargers (2 still new in the box) that I've acquired over the years
          and another charger would be dumb for me. We deal with tons of lithium ion batteries in my profession
          and some are just damn weird. If it was better, other than weight savings, I would go with one, but?

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            My Shorai battery has been treating me good. It is really worth buying.