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Kawasaki looks to develop hybrid port and direct fuel injection engine

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  • Kawasaki looks to develop hybrid port and direct fuel injection engine

    Cycle World: Kawasaki Looking To Develop Dual Injection Technology.

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    Well, that is really impressive. I must admit, I had a sense that direct injection pressures had to be high, but I'd have never guessed that high! F1 technology is just on another planet in so many ways.
    "...the direct injectors run at 1,450 psi (100 bar). That’s actually quite low pressure for a GDI system; some production systems operate at around 2,900 psi (200 bar) and F1 engines can use as much as 7,250 psi (500 bar)."

    One big benefit of port injection that the article doesn't mention is that it helps keep the intake valves clean. Without it, fuel system cleaners with techroline never touch the backsides of the intake valves, and major deposits build up over time. I really would not want a GDI engine, but I'd go for a hybrid like this.

    Thanks for sharing this short, oinfo-packed read, Mark!
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      Bimota couldn't figure out direct injection on their 2 Cycle V-Due that I was hot to buy.
      I would have been a hero on that bike.

      What might have been.
      Sin's a good mans brother.


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        Yes on my e90 n54 bmw 335xi I have to walnut media blast the intake valves every 60k miles. They get really gummed up it's actually even amazing the engine runs as well as it does with them dirty. It was one of the earlier GDI engines that BMW made and they really didn't quite have it figured out from a PCV control perspective. One major gain depending on what bike this is going in is improved fuel economy to the tune of 15% or more. However that is pretty low pressure for GI the BMW's are well over 2000.