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  • Veterans Day

    My fellow brothers and sisters in arms, wishing you a very blessed Veterans Day. Each of you is a member of a very exclusive club, who wrote a blank check to do as necessary, up to and including sacrificing all. Thank you!
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    To all the veterans and to those in active duty, to police officers, fire fighters and first responders - thank you for your service. Remembrance Day is a day to pay our respect to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you!

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      Just last week I discovered that my late father's name is on a Veterans Memorial.
      Of all the service branches, the Merchant Marine had the highest casualty rate in WWII, mostly from German submarine attacks.
      My father received the Distinguished Service Medal in WWII, along with three of his mates, the only time the medal was ever awarded to four people from the same ship (the Esso Bolivar). He would later testify at a war crimes inquiry that he did not believe the Germans were deliberately targeting the unarmed crewmen with their gunfire; they were just trying to sink the ship. Like most veterans, he avoided talking about the war.

      I hope that we can reach a state where our brave and willing service members will retire without having served in a conflict.
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        Good times with some great people in the US Air Force working C-5s at Dover, AFB. I only served a few years but would not be where I am today without that experience and the GI Bill. I learned so much about dedication, character, and the ability to do whatever maintenance task I worked for and could get signed off on by a superior, despite my young age.
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          I'm 100% with spedxprt. Was USAF 1981-1985 , working on F-16s. AFSC 32657. 388th TAC Hill AFB Utah, then 6515th TSS at Edwards AFB. I loved every minute of it, I miss it, and many times wish I had stayed in for 20.
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            To all former and current, Thank you for your service. US Army, scout helicopter repairman (crew chief) '90-97.


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              Thank you for your service.